About Me


Hi there, my name is Wilson Balmores. I go by the moniker SinOwl, an anagram of my first name. I'm an artist, writer, and game designer. Growing up, I was surrounded by a world whose animation and gaming industries were booming once more. I was enthralled by it. The beautiful animation of western and eastern cartoons. The epic stories those cartoons and games told. The wide array of mechanics in the endless genre of games. At that young age, I knew that I didn't have the skills or resources to make my own cartoons or video games, but it taught me that I could do something regardless of my limitations: imagine and create. Maybe they weren't animated, but I could still draw. Maybe they weren't epic, but I could still write stories. Maybe they would never be made, but I could still design games. As long as I could imagine it, I could create it in some capacity, and I've been doing that since.

Aside from producing pieces of digital art and traditional art, I've spent much of my spare time since 2013 developing my passion project, a tabletop role-playing game titled Ebb & Flow: The World of Terrium. I have other projects I want to start and eventually share on this site, including storyboards and comics. Although my skills lie primarily in traditional pencil art, Photoshop, and Microsoft Office, I also have some experience in Illustrator, Flash, and InDesign. Slowly, but surely, I want to expand those smaller experiences into bigger experiences, and in doing so, I can create even more.

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