Arcane Ranger


Base HP: 25
HP Growth: 1d8
Base FP: 18
FP Growth: 1d4
Weapon: Bow
Damage Focus: Magic Damage
Although the Equirions reveled in the raw power of the Flow Rupturor, they required something with a little more grace and beauty to match their appearance. They used what they learned from the Fibblans to focus their control over flow to produce arrows made completely of energy and forewent the path of the Rupturor. Arcane Rangers wield magical bows which help them concentrate, allowing them to create powerful single arrows or a flurry weaker ones. Arcane Rangers are the pride of the Equirion race.

Masters of long range attacks, Arcane Rangers prefer to be far away from danger. They can shoot from incredible distances like snipers and damage foes before they can even reach your front-line. Even if an enemy gets within close proximity, the Arcane Ranger has a few defensive options to get them out of danger. They are primarily a long-range damage-dealing class that excels at picking off single targets.

- Dependent Range
- Kneeling Stance
- Treetop Sniper

- Anchored Lifeline
- Chaining Shot
- Covert Movement
- Ignition Arrow
- Shock Net
- Spectral Hawk

- Flow Rain
- Frost Arrow
- Lightning Streak
- Phantasmal Doppelganger
- Shotgun Arrow
- Strafe Fire
- Target Acquired

- Sanguine Leviathan
- Tempest Volley

Quick Start Build
Attributes: 4 (-2) / 12 (+6) / 8 (+2) / 10 (+4) / 6 (0)
Starting Skills: Chaining Shot / Shock Net or Chaining Shot / Ignition Arrow