Artillery Jockey


Base HP: 25
HP Growth: 1d8
Base FP: 18
FP Growth: 1d4
Weapon: Arm Cannon
Damage Focus: Magic Damage
Physical strength in the Arkhan race is absolute. However, even Arkhans acknowledged the power of a strong backline supporting their vanguard. When an Arkhan is deemed not physically strong enough to be the brunt of the Arkhan army but are blessed with an immense spiritual presence, they become Artillery Jockeys to rain fire from afar. While they do not fit the traditional sense of Arkhan strength, Artillery Jockeys are revered for their destructive power.

The Artillery Jockey sports the third longest range of any class, and their weapon makes them extremely versatile in battle. Their weapon can apply different elements to their skills and have a chance to apply many secondary effects. However, they become most vulnerable when an enemy can get in point-blank range. They are primarily a damage-dealing utility class that excels at damaging groups of enemies separated from your front-line.

- Elemental Rounds

- Explosive Shot
- Force Punch
- Multi-Fire
- Piercing Shot
- Primed and Ready
- Steady Focus

- Cluster Bomb
- Double Charge
- Healing Field
- Homing Blaster
- Impact Blast
- Over Dosage
- Spread Shot

- Full Burst
- Over Element

Quick Start Build
Attributes: 4 (-2) / 10 (+4) / 9 (+3) / 9 (+3) / 8 (+2)
Starting Skills: Explosive Shot / Piercing Shot or Explosive Shot / Multi-Fire