Average Lifespan: 380 years
Average Height: 4’7”
Average Weight: 74 lb.

Although the Second Surge affected mainly Terrium, its effects even reached the faraway surface of the moon. When the surge struck the moon, a portion of Ebb’s ashen heart fell to Terrium like a meteor, and crashed into the island of Cheza. Thanks to the Second Surge’s energy, the pieces of Ebb’s heart were mutated and a new race of beings was born. Having been born on Cheza Island, the Fibblans that took them in named them the Chezans. Much like how they treat the Jarrith, some communities have reservations about Chezans for being born from Ebb’s heart, though they’ve never really shown any reason to be distrusted.

ven shorter than the Fibblans, the Chezans have become the smallest race, but much like the Fibblans, their bodies can hold a large amount of flow within them. Because of this, they can fill into any class despite how strange it may be. Having mutated from Ebb’s heart, Chezans have the ability to control the Great Shadow inherently within them, and even temporarily inflict another with it. An extension of this ability also allows them to ignore and even manipulate their exhaustion. Using this, only a few Chezans can protect many other members of their community at night by rejecting the need to sleep.

Some people, notably Arkhans, refer to Chezans as “Moon Rabbits.” The comparison is warranted, considering they look very much like what a bipedal rabbit would. The fur of a Chezan ranges from a snow white color to a light gray with red patterns throughout their body. It is believed that the red patterns on their body represent the blood moon eclipses that occur once per decade. They sport two small, triangular horns on their forehead, which appear to be purely cosmetic. Due to their small size and appearance, many people find Chezans cute, much like Felias, but the Chezans don’t take offense to this.

Having one of the longest lifespans, Chezans do not reach full adulthood until the age of 60. Since Chezans are only ever male, they reproduce in the strangest of ways. A fully matured Chezan can place their body in a stasis-like state for a week. During this time, the Chezan absorbs a large amount of flow from the earth, and by the end of the week, a Chezan baby is born. However, since the baby is genetically identical to the parent, they are more akin to clones than real offspring. A Chezan can only go through this cloning process twice in their lifetime or they risk death. Most Chezans prefer to stay on the island of Cheza where they originated from, but others have expanded to the mainland of Oriens and Solban Island in Mugio.

Choosing the Chezan:
Consider the following details to help you choose the characteristics of your Chezan character. Chezans can only be male. Chezan names are similar to Fibblan names and emphasize M, N, P, and T sounds. As a Chezan, you are able to speak Main and Chezan.
Determining Age: 60 + 5d20
Determining Height: 4’3” + 1d8 inches
Determining Weight: 58 lb. + 1d6 lb. per inch past 4’3”

Race Traits
Blood Moon Empowerment - After thousands of years of blood moon eclipses, your body has become acclimatized to calling upon the power of the eclipse. Before you roll to hit for an attack, you may pay any amount of Health Points. Increase the natural result of your hit roll equal to the amount of Health Points you spent. If this increases the natural result to 14 or higher, the Critical Hit deals triple damage instead of double.

Chezan Senses - As a Chezan, you have special senses that the regular races do not have. You gain access to Enhanced Hearing, Nightvision, and Tremorsense.
Enhanced Hearing - You are capable of using your enhanced sense of hearing to locate the general direction of a unit.
Nightvision - You are capable of seeing in the dark with perfect clarity.
Tremorsense - You are capable of using the vibrations in the ground to precisely locate a unit within 100’ of you.

Exertive Energy - You force yourself to fight harder the more fatigued you become. For every 10 points of fatigue that you have, increase your damage dealt by 1, and for every 25 points, increase your Physical Evasion and Magic Evasion by 1. Whenever you Overflow a skill, you may pay twice the Health Point cost in irreducible fatigue instead.

Momentary Lunacy - Momentarily give in to the Great Shadow within you. Once per battle, in a single turn, you may move your entire Movement Speed during your Move Phase and still perform a Main Action, and gain two extra Main Actions. You may only perform Normal Attacks during your Main Actions, but they Ignore Defense and gain the Dark element.

Redirect Exhaustion - You are a master of your fatigue and the fatigue of others. You may reduce the fatigue of your allies by an amount and add it to your own. In battle, you may only do this as a Quick Action and up to 20 fatigue at a time. Whenever you deal damage to a single unit, you may reduce your fatigue and increase the unit’s fatigue equal to the amount of damage you dealt.

Special Trait
Great Shadow Infection - You can control the great shadow of Ebb’s ashen heart. You do not suffer from the effects of sleep deprivation or levels 1-3 of Fatigue. Once per day, you may infect yourself or another unit with the Great Shadow for one minute. As long as a unit is infected with your Great Shadow, they gain access to an extra Main Action and their Physical Damage, Magic Damage, and Accuracy are doubled, but their Physical Evasion and Magic Evasion are reduced to 0 and may only perform Normal Attacks. When this effect ends, you gain 50 irreducible fatigue.