Crusade Maestro


Base HP: 25
HP Growth: 1d8
Base FP: 18
FP Growth: 1d4
Weapon: War Helix
Damage Focus: Magic Damage
Humans took a different approach when developing support for their army. They were concerned with friendly fire, so they expanded their magic to other applications. Their result was the Crusade Maestro. The magical tunes of the Crusade Maestro could reach the ears of friends and foes from far away but affect only those they wished to. Due to their style of support, they stay in the far rear of the main army away from danger.

As combat musicians, Crusade Maestros try to stay far away from danger since they have a difficult time defending themselves if an enemy gets close. Although they have a few offensive skills to use as a last resort, their main purpose is to strengthen their allies and weaken their foes. They accomplish this by casting buffs and debuffs through the form of music, which cannot be evaded. They are primarily a heavy support class that excels at constantly buffing allies or debuffing enemies.

- Instrument Aficionado
- Musical Aura
- Virtuoso

- Fortissimo
- Song of Demoralization
- Song of Finesse
- Song of Revitalization
- Song of Swiftness
- Vibrato

- Crescendo
- Piercing Tunes
- Song of Courageous Bravery
- Song of Creeping Death
- Song of Restraint
- Song of Revival
- Staccato

- Requiem
- Song of Ultima

Quick Start Build
Attributes: 4 (-2) / 12 (+6) / 10 (+4) / 6 (0) / 8 (+2)
Starting Skills: Song of Demoralization / Song of Revitalization