Crush Avatar


Base HP: 35
HP Growth: 1d12
Base FP: 10
FP Growth: 1d4 (max. 2)
Weapon: Knuckles
Damage Focus: Physical Damage
Crush Avatars are the pinnacle of strength and technique in the Arkhan race. Only Arkhans who train their bodies constantly can become skilled Crush Avatars. Since they based their attacks on unarmed martial arts, they don’t even technically require a weapon. Because of this, Crush Avatars are considered have a very fine control over their flow. Even when wearing heavy armor, they are surprisingly limber, being able to act and react at a moment's notice. 

With nothing but knuckledusters reinforcing their already tough fists, Crush Avatars prefer to use their brute strength and fighting style to overpower their enemies. They’re fighters through and through and prefer one-on-one combat. Although they can go on a full offensive, Crush Avatars can also impair an enemy’s movements and ability to use skills. Due to their fighting style, Crush Avatar fare poorly against multiple surrounding threats. They are primarily a damage-dealing front-line class that excels in single target combat.

- Bare Fists
- Natural Dual Wielder
- Soft Strike Style

- Ascending Vulture
- Berserker
- Blowback
- Brute Kick
- Counter Puncher
- Rage

- Boulder Toss
- Bursting Palms
- Epiphany
- Fury
- Heartbreaker Punch
- Savage
- Thunder Burst

- Supreme Behemoth
- Tectonic Decimator

Quick Start Build
Attributes: 9 (+3) / 4 (-2) / 9 (+3) / 8 (+2) / 10 (+4)
Starting Skills: Brute Kick / Rage or Berserker / Rage