Average Lifespan: Immortal
Average Male Height: 6’0”
Average Male Weight: 170 lb. - 180 lb.
Average Female Height: 5’10”
Average Female Weight: 135 lb. - 145 lb.

The Cubi were always a fairly intelligent and magically powerful race. The Second Surge was just the bump they needed to be viewed as equals to the four main races. Unlike the other races created by the Second Surge, who were fundamentally changed from their monstrous counterparts, the Cubi were simply mutated from their already existing selves. As a result, many Cubi have memories of what they were like before the Second Surge changed them.

They retain the naming difference that a male Cubi is known as an Incubus while a female Cubi is known as a Succubus. Despite having opposite sexes, Incubi and Succubi cannot reproduce with one another. The reason for this is believed to be that Cubi have no true gender, due to their ability to freely switch between being an Incubus and Succubus depending on their target to feed on life force. In most cases, however, Cubi prefer to stay in their Succubus form since that is the only way they can become pregnant. While Succubi are able to mate with any male of another race, they can only give birth to Cubi after a short, three-month long pregnancy.

Due to being the children of Morrigan, the first Cubi, they share her slightly demonic appearance, having sharp horns, batlike wings, a long tail, and scaly claws around their hands and feet. Despite the demonic features, their beauty exceeds even that of the Equirions, though it’s unknown if this might be a side effect of their magic which allows them to easily seduce members of the opposite sex. Although their non-demonic features are very similar to those of Equirions, Succubi have noticeably more voluptuous bodies and Incubi have noticeably more masculine bodies, which directly differ from the Equirions’ more androgynous looks. Due to their limited shapeshifting ability, Cubi are also able to change their hair color to whatever they please, but rarely change it once they’ve chosen a color they like.

Ever since the Cubi developed into a more prominent race, Morrigan became more active in the public world to better guide the Cubi into becoming a well-accepted race. The Cubi are fully aware of their origin, and hold Morrigan in very high regards, referring to her as their “Mother Queen.” Upon originally ascending to full sentience, the concept of clothing was very displeasing to the Cubi, but Morrigan was able to teach them that decency and grace were two appealing qualities of a civilized race. As a result, Cubi began fashioning their own clothes that combined the styles of Arkhan and Fibblan clothing.

Cubi often hit a moral dilemma when they must fight other Cubi who were not graced enough to achieve sentience by the Second Surge. Since they remember what it’s like to be in that state, Cubi generally choose a neutral stance, neither attacking nor defending an otherwise potentially dangerous Cubi. Cubi live all throughout the world, but are either scarcely found or stay in small communities of other Cubi, since their inherent nature to feed on life force to survive is somewhat frightening to most people. Despite this, many individuals from the other races see it as a thrill to be in a relationship with a Cubi, considering their immeasurable beauty, and some are capable of retaining lifelong partnerships with them as well.

Choosing the Cubi:
Consider the following details to help you choose the characteristics of your Cubi character. Since the Cubi are such a widely spread race, they have no standard naming convention like most races do, and do not emphasize any particular sounds in their names. As a Cubi, you can speak Main. You can also telepathically speak to and understand other Cubi. You are able to switch freely between an Incubus and Succubus form.
Determining Age: 20 + 10d20
Determining Height: 5’3” + 2d6 inches
Determining Weight: 115 lb. + 2d4 lb. per inch past 5’3”

Race Traits
Cubi Senses - As a Cubi, you have special senses that the regular races do not have. You gain access to the Nightvision and Radar Sense special senses.
Nightvision - You are capable of seeing in the dark with perfect clarity.
Radar Sense - You are capable of feeling the presence of a unit and find its general direction when the unit comes within 100’ of you. 

Love Tap - Your Cubi magic allows you to quickly sap energy to replenish yourself. Whenever you target a unit that does not share your gender with a Single Target Active - Offensive skill, you may pay an extra 2 FP to heal for half of the damage you deal. You may not use Love Tap if you Overflowed the skill.
Magical Aptitude - Your body is naturally attuned to better resist magic. Increase your Magic Evasion by 4, and you Critically Evade magical attacks on a natural evade roll of 5 or higher.

Seductive Appearance - Your seductive appearance as a Cubi is irresistible. Increase your Charisma Modifier by 4 when performing checks against units that do not share your gender. Units that do not share your gender receive a -3 penalty to their Physical Evasion and Magic Evasion against you, and when they perform a Single Target attack against you, they roll to hit at a Disadvantage.

Wings of Grace - You have learned to use your wings with full function. Ignore the effects of terrain and elevation during your Move Phase. You may move your entire Movement Speed during your Move Phase and still perform a Main Action. You must land on the ground to end your movement.

Special Trait
Insatiable Lust - Cubi need to feed on the life force of others in order to stay strong. You must consume the life force of a Small size or bigger unit at least once a week. If you do not, your hit rolls, Attribute checks, and Quality checks all roll at a Disadvantage. To consume a sufficient amount of life force, you must spend a minimum of 30 minutes consuming from a sleeping or unconscious unit. Upon waking, the unit you consumed from gains 50 irreducible fatigue. If you consumed the life force of a Normal size or bigger unit within the past 48 hours, your Physical Damage, Magic Damage, and Accuracy are doubled, and the FP costs of your skills are reduced by 2 (no less than 1).