Earth (Go)


1st Tier Invocations:
Go Ralp (Pillar)
Incantation: None
Fatigue Gained: 1 per 2’ of earth raised
Effect: Creates a cylindrical pillar of solid stone with a diameter of up to 3’. The height of the pillar is determined by the amount of fatigue gained.
Description: This spell was often employed for reaching high places, but it’s also been known to be used to create temporary tables and chairs.

Go Sen (Tremorsense)
Incantation: None
Fatigue Gained: 2 on activation and 2 per minute active
Effect: You become able to acutely sense the tiniest vibrations in the ground to locate moving objects that you might not normally be able to see for as long as this spell is active. By creating your own vibrations, such as stomping on the ground, you are able to paint a clear picture of your surroundings in your mind. Casting Go Sen may be performed as a Quick Action.
Description: Go Sen was historically used as an infiltration and location spell, primarily during the Great Wars. It allowed for stealthy movement in pitch dark situations where light would compromise the infiltrator, and it was extremely useful for mapping out the locations of enemy units or crucial objects.

Go Tala (Stone Tool)
Incantation: None
Fatigue Gained: 2
Effect: Creates a simple tool, such as a hammer, out of stone.
Description: This spell is most useful in the wild when higher quality tools are not available as it is extremely versatile in the types of simple tools it can create.

2nd Tier Invocations:
KaiGo Kofk (Shackles)
Incantation: O body of the world. That which was formed from the bodies of the twins. Take form and bring this fool back to the earth.
Fatigue Gained: 6
Full Cast Effect: Creates incredibly heavy shackles around a single target’s ankles and wrists up to 40’ away. These shackles are so heavy it renders movement with those limbs useless. The shackles can sustain 20 points of damage before breaking.
Short Cast Effect: Same as Full Cast but you gain 12 fatigue instead of 6.
Description: In ancient times, this invocation was used to immobilize dangerous prisoners. Sometimes, they were used as a torture device to slowly starve their victim to death.

KaiGo Relta (Shelter)
Incantation: O body of the world. That which was formed from the bodies of the twins. Take form and give me refuge.
Fatigue Gained: 8
Full Cast Effect: Creates a hollow half dome made of rock and earth with a diameter of 15’. The construct can sustain up to 50 points of damage before falling apart.
Short Cast Effect: Same as Full Cast, but you gain 16 fatigue instead of 8. Short Casting KaiGo Relta may be performed as a Quick Action.
Description: This invocation was most often used to create temporary shelter while traveling. In times of war, people learned to short cast it as a quick form of defense for multiple allies.

3rd Tier Invocation:
VaeGo Fertae (Accelerate Growth)
Incantation: O body of the world flowing with the energies of the goddess. Bless this land with your nutrients so it may provide us with its bountiful resources.
Fatigue Gained: 20 per 5 seconds active
Effect: This invocation cannot be Short Casted. Accelerates the growth of all plants in a 50’ x 50’ plot of land by 1 month for every 5 seconds this invocation is active.
Description: Farmers often hire high-level witches and wizards to cast this invocation in desperate times for a shared profit. Many apothecaries also use this invocation to grow their own ingredients for their various potions and remedies.