Empyreal Ronin


Base HP: 30
HP Growth: 1d10
Base FP: 14
FP Growth: 1d4 (max. 3)
Weapon: Katana
Damage Focus: Physical Damage
Some Humans abandon their conventional training as Runic Chevalier to focus more on their sword arts. Though Ronin retain some elemental mastery, they rely more on their physical training than their knowledge of the elements. Empyreal Ronin are quick on their feet and keen with their eyes, often spotting weaknesses in their opponents. Ronin are often hired as mercenaries in the other continents.

The Empyreal Ronin is a powerful swordsman class that must intelligently switch between sheathing and unsheathing their katana to unleash their full potential. By mastering this mechanic, they can quickly eliminate a single target. Empyreal Ronin can hold their own in battle through sheer damage potential, but can fall quickly if not supported by their party members. They are primarily a damage-dealing fighter class that excels at extremely high single target damage.

- Sheathe Katana

- Ascetic Soul
- Battojutsu: Horizon Split
- Battojutsu: Suppressing Slice
- Impairing Thrust
- Samurai Spirit
- Tiger Flip

- Battojutsu: Cutting Dawn
- Battojutsu: Steel Splinter
- Battojutsu: Storm Slasher
- Bolt Slash
- Dragon Flight
- Parry
- Writ of Binding

- Battojutsu: Sanctum Edge
- Mirage Blade

Quick Start Build
Attributes: 9 (+3) / 4 (-2) / 8 (+2) / 9 (+3) / 10 (+4)
Starting Skills: Battojutsu: Horizon Split / Tiger Flip