Essence Abolisher


Base HP: 30
HP Growth: 1d10
Base FP: 14
FP Growth: 1d4 (max. 3)
Weapon: Chain Sickle
Damage Focus: Physical Damage
Equirions knew that having only magic users would be too vulnerable if an opposing force could reach them. They took interest in the scythes of the Arkhans and the grapple shields of the Humans to create their own weapon, the chain sickle. Wielders of the chain sickle became Essence Abolishers, who trained diligently to gain the ability to magically steal and share the essence of their enemies.

As a mid-range physical class, Essence Abolishers can hold the front line while keeping themselves safe at the same time. They have the ability to drain their foes of power while impairing them as well. Essence Abolishers don’t have the best defensive capabilities, but a couple of their special skills allow them to heal themselves by damaging opponents. They are primarily a mid-range damage-dealing class that excels at debuffing and impairing enemies.

- Steal Essence

- Essence Split
- Falling Steel
- Fortifying Sweep
- Razor Hook
- Sickle Slice
- Wrecking Ball

- Essence Drain
- Flying Lariat
- Power Sap
- Soul Tether
- Spinning Sickle
- Thread of Life
- Twin Slicer

- Eternal Abyss
- Tempest Furor

Quick Start Build
Attributes: 10 (+4) / 4 (-2) / 9 (+3) / 9 (+3) / 8 (+2)
Starting Skills: Essence Split / Razor Hook or Fortifying Sweep / Razor Hook