Average Lifespan: 65 years
Average Male Height: 6’4”
Average Male Weight: 200 lb. - 215 lb.
Average Female Height: 5’6”
Average Female Weight: 125 lb. - 135 lb.

Perhaps the most drastic mutation from the Second Surge came in the form of the Felias. Mutating from the big cat felesians, Felias garnered the greatest boost in intelligence and power. They changed from quadrupedal, instinctual beasts to bipedal, civilized people. An interesting aspect of the Felias is that they inherited several features of each felesian species, giving them a wide variation in both physical abilities and appearance. Due to this, Felias vary more in appearance than even the Arkhans and Fibblans.

Felias are covered head to toe in fur which vary widely in both color and pattern. They come in blacks, grays, whites, browns, golds, oranges, stripes, spots, and various other patterns. Their legs still resemble those of their felesian heritage, but their arms and hands are more similar to the other races, especially with the inclusion of opposable thumbs. Felia tails also vary slightly, being either thin while sometimes having a tuft at the end or bushy and large. The strangest physical characteristic of the Felias is their head. Looking almost nothing like the felesians, both male and female Felias appear much more like domesticated cats. This leads to a lot of comments about Felias being cute, much to their chagrin. Generally, Felias have very lean bodies regardless of how physically strong they may be, which would traditionally require larger muscles. Even overweight Felias retain a remarkable level of flexibility and a high strength-to-weight ratio.

Out of all the races, the Felias have the shortest lifespan. This leads to most Felias living very daring lives to compensate. Biologically, Felias remain pregnant for only a short six months, and can give birth to a litter of up to four cubs at a time. They mature quite quickly, like Arkhans do, reaching full adulthood by the age of 12. Considered to be a very exotic race like the Khibblans, Felias often date many individuals of the other races during their early adulthood; however, they almost always choose another Felia as their life partner if only for the sake of having children and passing on their genes.

Felias normally have no reservations about fighting and killing felesians. They find the challenge exciting and adventurous. Some treat it as a sort of ritual, which purifies the animal within them and allowing them to truly live their life as a civilized Felia. Felia clothing is very minimalistic, since their bodies are already completely covered in fur, and focus on function over form. They most often wear armor if they’re adventurers, nearly nothing in hotter climates, and the thick furs of other animals in colder climates. Although felesians originated in Oriens and Mugio, many Felias also choose to live in Occasus where the Arkhan lifestyle is dangerously enticing to them.

Choosing the Felia:
Consider the following details to help you choose the characteristics of your Felia character. Felia names resemble the natural sounds they make when not speaking and so emphasize G, R, N, and L sounds. As a Felia, you can speak Main, Felian, and understand felesians.
Determining Age: 12 + 3d8
Determining Male Height: 6’0” + 1d6 inches
Determining Female Height: 5’4” + 1d4 inches
Determining Male Weight: 190 + 2d4 lb. per inch past 6’0”
Determining Female Weight: 115 + 1d8 lb. per inch past 5’4”

Race Traits
Felesian Ancestry - Your ancestry lends to your strengths as a Felian. Choose one of the three paths: Mane, Spotted, or Striped. If you choose Mane, you gain access to an extra Main Action, and your single target attacks roll to hit with Advantage but single target attacks rolled against you roll to hit with Advantage as well. If you choose Spotted, your Movement Speed is doubled, you ignore the effects of terrain during your Move Phase, and you may perform a Normal Attack as a Quick Action. If you choose Striped, whenever you Overflow a damage-dealing skill, roll two extra damage dice instead of one, and whenever you deal at least 25 damage to an enemy, that attack is considered a Crucial Strike.

Felia Reflexes - Your catlike reflexes make you incredibly agile and difficult to hit. Your Agility checks roll with Advantage, and you take no damage from falls, throws, and Knockback. If you did not perform a Main Action or a Move Action during your turn, increase your Physical Evasion and Magic Evasion by 2 and Critically Evade attacks on a natural evade roll of 4 or higher until your next turn.

Felia Senses - As a Felia, you have special senses that the regular races do not have. You gain access to the Enhanced Hearing, Enhanced Smelling, and Nightvision special senses.
Enhanced Hearing - You are capable of using your enhanced sense of hearing to locate the general direction of a unit.
Enhanced Smelling - You are capable of using your enhanced sense of smelling to locate the general direction of a unit.
Nightvision - You are capable of seeing in the dark with perfect clarity.

Predatory Quirks - The predatory actions of a felesian come naturally to you. Your footsteps are completely silent. If you hit an attack that is a Backstab, that attack Critically Hits. If your party goes first in a battle, you may move your entire Movement Speed during your Move Phase and still perform a Main Action, and the first attack you hit is considered a Critical Hit.

Scrappy Fighter - Despite being trained to use weapons, you aren’t averse to using your claws and teeth to fight. The first time you hit a unit with a single target attack during your turn, if you are within range, you may automatically hit the unit with a bite and/or claw attack.
Bite Active - Offensive
You bite your foe with your sharp teeth
Attack Type: Physical Property: Single Target
Range: 0’ - 5’
Combat Effects: Deals 1d4 + Strength Modifier physical damage.

Claw Active - Offensive
You slash at your foe with your sharp claws.
Attack Type: Physical Property: Single Target
Range: 0’ - 5’
Combat Effects: Deals 1d4 + Strength Modifier physical damage. Claw may only be used if you are wielding only a single one-handed weapon. If you are a Crush Avatar, Bare Fists no longer lose your Weapon Proficiency bonuses, unarmed Normal Attacks deal 1d6 damage, Claw deals 1d6 + PDMG physical damage instead, and Claw gains the damage bonus from your Weapon Proficiency.

Special Trait
Natural Born Hunters - The blood of a hunter courses through your veins. At the beginning of a battle, choose a unit to be your prey. Whenever you attack your prey with a single target attack, you Critically Hit on a natural hit roll of 10 or higher. If your prey is a monster, your Aimed Attacks at the monster’s known weak spots do not roll at a Disadvantage (if the weak spot is unknown, you must discover the weak spot first before you can roll normally). If you deal the Killing Blow or Knockout Blow to your prey, you may choose another unit to become your prey.