Flow Assimilator


Base HP: 25
HP Growth: 1d8
Base FP: 18
FP Growth: 1d4
Weapon: Whip
Damage Focus: Magic Damage
Fibblans have always used their mastery of flow to further connect with nature. Although they tend to not wander far from Oriens, the Flow Assimilators have gained the ability to summon spirit versions of creatures from all over Terrium. Whips coursing with flow keep their summoned pets in check, and can even turn foes into their allies. Living creatures themselves can be turned into powerful allies if the Assimilator is skilled enough. While strong and hard to reach in battle, an Assimilator's pets immediately disappear upon losing consciousness.

Flow Assimilators can summon a group of creatures to fight by their side, and can even turn an enemy to fight for them as well. They use their other skills to support and strengthen their summoned creatures in battle. Although Flow Assimilators are fantastic at both offense and defense because of their summons, they are highly dependent on them, so stronger opponents who can deal with their summons easily will render the Assimilator useless. They are primarily a unique summoning class that excels in crowd control and damage.

- Summoner

- Assimilate
- Flow Augmentation
- Heart of Ruin
- Recall
- Summon: Basic Creature
- Summon: Companion

- Call Wildlife
- Ensnare
- Life Infusion
- Reverse Summon
- Summon: Advanced Creature
- Summoned Fury
- Summoned Synergy

- Create Pact / Summon: Pact
- Summon: White Nine-Tailed Fox

Quick Start Build
Attributes: 4 (-2) / 12 (+6) / 8 (+2) / 8 (+2) / 8 (+2)
Starting Skills: Flow Augmentation / Summon: Basic Creature