Generic Traits


You may choose two generic traits for your character. These traits range from different feats or abilities that may come in handy during battle or everyday use.

Adept Chef - You've been cooking ever since you were little. All recipes automatically have a proficiency of 1. You also get +2 to your dexterity checks when cooking.

Adrenaline Rush - You perform best when you’re on the ropes. As long as you’re below 30% HP or you’re the only character in the party who is not incapacitated, you gain an extra Main Action, and you may move your entire Movement Speed during your Move Phase and still perform a Main Action.

Appraisal - Gems and pendants and rings, oh my! You can tell exactly how much all your treasure is worth, and you can spend a day figuring out what magical effects an item might have.

Bad Luck Reversal - You were born under a good sign, but don’t take it for granted! While in battle, all of your Critical Misses count as Critical Hits; however, Critical Misses from enemies who attack you also count as Critical Hits.

Blindsight - You’re blind! But that’s okay. During your lifetime, you’ve honed your other senses to make up for you inability to see. You’re immune to the Blinded status ailment, and you have Enhanced Hearing and Enhanced Smelling. You have an inherent vision range equal to your Perception Score times 5’. This range cannot be impaired by any effects that would normally impair vision, such as weather or darkness. You may only take this trait upon creating your character.

Brilliant Mind - Mind over matter. Brains over brawn. You get a +1 bonus to all knowledge checks. Whenever you perform an opposing attribute or quality check, if you lose the check, you may reroll once.

lever Maneuver - You sly dog. You know your way around a battlefield. At the beginning of each round in battle, choose yourself or an ally and roll 2d6. On a result of 9-12, they may perform an extra Move Action this round and ignore Deadlock.

Close Combat Expertise - Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. You get +1 to your accuracy or evade roll when attacking with or evading a melee attack or skill.

Cosmic Balance - You confide in the universal laws of equality. Whenever you perform an opposing attribute or quality check, ignore all modifiers.

Cosmic Imbalance - You defy the universal laws of equality. Whenever you perform an opposing attribute or quality check, roll with Advantage. If you tie with your opposition, you win that check.

Dual Wielder - You’ve been trained in handling multiple weapons at once. While dual wielding, your primary hand no longer rolls at a Disadvantage, and your off-hand no longer rolls at a Disadvantage if you are holding a light weapon.

Dueling Expert - You honor a good one-on-one fight. If you and an enemy unit are the only ones adjacent to each other, you get a +1 bonus to Accuracy and all attacks targeting that enemy unit deal 3 bonus damage.

Energy Efficient - You know exactly how hard to work to get something done. Halve the fatigue you would gain after all increases or reduction to fatigue have been made.

Fast Metabolism - Health potions heal their amount immediately, and poisons last half as long. Whenever you eat a meal, reduce your fatigue by twice the amount that meal would reduce it by. Food rations reduce your fatigue by 5. You may eat up to five meals a day instead of three.

Focused Eyes - Your aim is true no matter where it is. When you roll to hit for an Aimed Attack, roll normally instead of at a Disadvantage.

Giant Slayer - You like your prey big, and your expertise is in their size. You get a +3 bonus to Knowledge checks when making checks for Giant and Massive monster lore, and you get a bonus +1 Accuracy and +3 to your damage when attacking Giant and Massive monsters. You cannot have both Giant Slayer and Legend Seeker as traits.

Group Hugger - Spread the love. Your love of spreading chaos and mayhem. Your AoE skills cannot Critically Miss and they Critically Hit on a natural roll of 10 or higher. Only attacks that Critically Hit on a natural roll of 12 are considered Crucial Strikes.

Heavy Hitter - You relish beating down on your foes. Whenever you Overflow a damage-dealing skill, roll two extra damage die instead of one.

Helping Hand - Look at you, Mr. Nice Guy. Whenever you help another player with their attribute check, increase their result by your total attribute modifier instead of only half. In battle, you may use a Quick Action to help an adjacent ally, increasing their next natural hit roll by 1 and allowing them roll with Advantage.

Immovable Object - You are unfaltering when you stand your ground. Whenever you would be Knocked Back, you may perform an opposing Strength check with Advantage against the opposing force’s Strength or Spirit. If you win, you are not Knocked Back. If you would still be Knocked Back, reduce the distance by Strength Modifier*5’.

Legend Seeker - You’ve studied up on the rarest and most powerful of monsters, and you’re up to the challenge of defeating them. You get a +4 bonus to Knowledge checks when making checks for rare monster lore, and you get a bonus +2 Accuracy and +5 to your damage when attacking rare monsters. You cannot have both Giant Slayer and Legend Seeker as traits.

Light Traveler - You could bring more stuff with you, but you don’t like the feeling of stuff on your back. Halve your maximum carrying limit to increase your Movement Speed by 50%.

Locksmith - Someone just locked you out of your inn room. It's okay, you can pick standard locks with ease. You get a +2 to your dexterity and spirit checks when lock picking, and your tools won’t break if you failed three times.

Maximize Potential - You know how to put all your effort into one blaze of glory. Once per day, you may pay double the FP cost of one of your skills for it to deal maximum damage instead of rolling for damage, and it inflicts any secondary effects, such as Stagger or Bleeding, without the need of a die roll. If you choose to Maximize Potential one of your Daily skills, double the amount of fatigue you gain at the end of the battle.

Median Adventurer - You’re very average. So much so that everything you do bundles around the middle. You can no longer Critically Hit, Critically Miss, or Critically Evade. Likewise, enemies cannot Critically Hit, Critically Miss, or Critically Evade you.

Monster Hunter - You’re a hunter of monsters, a slayer of beasts, a… well, you get it. You get a +2 bonus to your knowledge checks when making checks for monster lore, and you get a bonus +1 to your damage when fighting monsters. You are also capable of identifying valuable parts of a creature’s body.

Naturally Gifted - You were always above your peers. Your character starts the campaign with one extra Attribute and Quality point.

Nimble Body - Heights don't scare you. You take half fall damage from falls up to 30 feet, and you get a +2 to Agility checks when performing feats of acrobatics. Whenever you’re Knocked Back and you’re about to collide with an object, you may perform an Agility check to prevent yourself from taking damage. On a result of 12 or higher, you take no damage.

Nocturnal - You don’t like the daytime. You function much better at night. From 6 PM to 6 AM, increase all of your Attribute and Quality checks by 2, but from 6 AM to 6 PM, decrease all checks by 2.

Packrat - You just can’t let go of that old thing, can you? Increase your Carrying Limit by 50%.

Performer - Whenever you're trying to look and act like someone else or just flat out lie, you're a lot more likely to fool people. You get a +2 to your Charisma checks when in disguise and when lying. You raise no suspicion even when you fail your check.

Premonition - When something doesn't feel right, like lingering danger or a ghost town, you'll know. Your premonition range is equal to your Spirit*20’. You receive a +2 bonus to Observation checks when checking for potential or known danger.

Provoking Presence - There’s just something about you that makes people want to punch you in the face. You are able to Deadlock giant and massive monsters. If a unit has been dealt damage by you within your past two turns, that unit cannot roll to Break Away against you. However, they may still perform a Move Action to provoke an Attack of Opportunity from you.

Quick Healer - Your body’s naturally better at fixing itself up than other people. Increase your HP per Hour, FP per Hour, and FR per Hour by 1.
Ranged Combat Expertise - You’ve got some keen eyes. You get a +1 to your accuracy or evade roll when attacking with or evading a ranged attack or skill.

Reckless Abandon - You have no regards to safety when it comes to battle. All of your single target attacks roll to hit with Advantage, but all single target attacks rolled against you roll to hit with Advantage as well.

Savant of all Trades - Perfect and peerless; these are words you’ve known all your life. Increase the natural result of literally all of your die and dice rolls by 1. If you take this trait, you cannot have any other generic traits, race traits, or native class bonuses.

Scaling - You're no spider, but you're still pretty good at climbing. You don't need a ladder or a rope to get to a higher elevation, and your Movement Speed is unhindered while climbing.

Scaredy Cat - You dislike confrontation, and would rather avoid a fight. All single target attacks rolled against you roll to hit at a Disadvantage, but all of your single target attacks roll to hit at a Disadvantage as well.

Second Wind - You may have gone down, but there’s no way you’re out of the fight. If you were resuscitated after being incapacitated, instead of returning to 1 HP and being placed out of the fight, you are restored to 30% of your max HP and can continue the battle. This may only happen once a day.

Situational Awareness - You have a greater sense of the things around you. You cannot be surprised or Backstabbed.

Skillful Power Grip - You were so determined to hold that big weapon in one hand that you finally became strong and skilled enough to do it. You are capable of wielding an Arm Cannon, Poleaxe, Forearm Blade, Boomerang, Scythe, Battle Axe, and Flail as if they were one-handed light weapons, allowing you to dual wield any of these weapons normally. If you are not dual wielding while you have this trait, double your Weapon Proficiency damage bonus.

Sleight of Hand - You've got some sneaky fingers. You get +2 to your Dexterity or Agility check when pickpocketing or shoplifting, and you can switch weapons in battle as a Quick Action.

Solid Defense - You’ve trained yourself to perfect your defensive abilities. Attacks made against you cannot Ignore Defense.

Spellcrafter - You’re talented in crafting spells, and you can identify useful parts of a creature. You get a +2 to your Knowledge check while preparing a spell. Consult with your GM on how to create different spells.

Strength in Camaraderie - You fight through the pain when your allies are alongside you. At the beginning of each of your party’s turns, if more damage was dealt to you than any other member of your party since your last turn, heal Health Points and regain Flow Points equal to the number of allies in your party.

Tactical Leader - You’re a natural born leader. At the beginning of each round in battle, choose an ally and roll 2d6. On a result of 9-12, they may perform an extra Main Action this round.

Thief - You’re a downright, dirty thief. You get a +1 bonus to Dexterity, Agility, and Spirit checks when lock picking, pickpocketing, or shoplifting. If you fail to pick a lock three times, your tools won’t break.

Tracker - Paw prints, broken branches, the scent of their being. If you're looking for something or someone, you'll be able to pick up a trail to find them. You get a +2 bonus to Observation checks when tracking creatures and people, and a +2 bonus to Knowledge checks when identifying the type of tracks made.

Trap Disarming - It's a trap! Disarm it before it goes off. You get +2 bonus to your Dexterity checks when disarming a trap.

Troublemaker - You just love putting yourself and your party through hell. Whenever a random encounter is rolled for and nothing happens, you may force a reroll with double the encounter rate.

Unusually Lucky - You don’t know why, but lady luck is on your side. Once per day, if you roll a Critical Miss or a unit rolls a Critical Hit against you, you may force a reroll.

Unstoppable Force - No matter where you’re headed, nothing will prevent you from getting there. You ignore Deadlock, and your Movement Speed is unhindered by the effects of terrain.

Unyielding - Nothing can stop you! But only sometimes. Whenever you would be affected by a control-impairing status ailment such as Staggered, you may roll a 1d6. On a result of 4-6, ignore the affliction.

Vigorous Spirit - Your body is full of life and flow. Increase your HP Growth by +1 and your FP Growth by +1.

Well Read / Travelled - You’ve been around the block more than once and you’re a bookworm for information. You get a +2 bonus to your knowledge checks when making checks for world and monster lore.

The Will to Live - You just refuse to die. During the three rounds you are incapacitated before death, you may roll a 1d6 to see if you are able to resuscitate yourself through sheer willpower. On a result of 6, you are successful. Increase your result by 1 for every 3 points of your vitality modifier.