Glorious Hunter


Base HP: 30
HP Growth: 1d10
Base FP: 14
FP Growth: 1d4 (max. 3)
Weapon: Boomerang
Damage Focus: Physical Damage
Some Khibblans of Occasus are well-known celebrities in their hometowns for being monster hunters. Their claim to fame was rooted in their stories of hunting down and killing great beasts. Over time, these Khibblans came to be known as Glorious Hunters, and the boomerang became their signature weapon of choice. These boomerangs are massive in size and unwieldy to control, but the Hunters could create advantages by being skillful with their weapon. The life of a Glorious Hunter was normally a solo one, as slaying beasts alone made their stories all the better. As a result, they developed skills that would help them if they were ever in a pinch.

As a long-range physical class, the Glorious Hunter keeps its range to pound on their foes. Their talents shine the brightest when they’re up against monsters, and can impair incredibly large monsters that normally cannot be impaired. The Glorious Hunter is vulnerable at close range, but they have a few defensive options to get them out of a pinch. They are primarily a long-range damage-dealing class that excels at fighting monsters.

- Impact Boomerang
- Perfect Catch

- Alluring Charm
- Double-Hitter
- Shackle Breaker
- Speed Thrower
- Whirlwind Swing
- Windforce Throw

- Beast Killer
- Emergency Provisions
- Experienced Hunter
- Forceful Swing
- Hurling Teleport
- Razor Disc
- Ricochet

- Archon of Daybreak
- Astral Strike

Quick Start Build
Attributes: 12 (+6) / 4 (-2) / 8 (+2) / 8 (+2) / 8 (+2)
Starting Skills: Alluring Charm / Speed Thrower or Double Hitter / Speed Thrower