Infernal Reaper


Base HP: 30
HP Growth: 1d10
Base FP: 14
FP Growth: 1d4 (max. 3)
Weapon: Scythe
Damage Focus: Physical Damage
The first Infernal Reapers were large framed Arkhans who trained with scythes to complement their size. However, over time, smaller framed Arkhans trained in the arts of scythes to increase their range in battle, since their strength is still measurable to those of a larger size. Infernal Reapers eventually learned the secret to absorbing the life force of those they’ve recently slain to empower themselves.

Infernal Reapers use large, wide sweeps of their scythes to mow down enemies, and can control their scythes with their flow to throw them like a boomerang. Positioning and timing is critical to the Infernal Reaper, as it is crucial for hitting as many enemies at once, and landing a killing blow is imperative to harvest the energy of recently deceased souls to temporarily increase their power. They are primarily a damage-dealing fighter class that excels at damaging and debuffing groups of enemies.

- Reaper of Souls

- Crescent Slash
- Full Moon
- Harvest Moon
- New Moon
- Reap
- Spinneret

- Black Spectre
- Death Gate
- Ebony Ward
- Imprison
- Lunar Festival
- Moonlit Gale
- Red Eclipse

- The Immortal Death
- Infernal Umbra

Quick Start Build
Attributes: 9 (+3) / 4 (-2) / 9 (+3) / 8 (+2) / 10 (+4)
Starting Skills: Crescent Slash / Spinneret or Harvest Moon / Reap