When you play your character to their personality traits, your GM may reward you with Insight. The terms in which they reward you is up to them, but generally, your GM should reward you with Insight when you portray your character in an interesting and exceptional way, whether it’s highlighting their fortes, their flaws, or anything else your GM decides on. Although the GM has the final say in whether or not your actions deserve to be rewarded, your fellow players may point out times where you may have done something exceptional for the GM to consider. In addition to this, if you have points of Insight, you may gift them a fellow player who you yourself believe to have done something exciting or cool for the story or their character. You may save up to 3 points of Insight at any given time.

You may spend your points of Insight in three different ways. By spending 1 point of Insight, you may have your next hit roll, Attribute check, or Quality check roll with Advantage. Another way of using Insight is by spending one point to Overflow a skill once without paying the Health Point cost of Overflowing. With a maximum of 3 points, you could Overflow 3 times for free for a devastating Daily skill. The final, and possibly most powerful, way of spending Insight is by using all 3 points to Resuscitate yourself in battle, and return to half of your maximum Health Points to continue the fight. Unfortunately, this cannot save you from situations that would instantly result in your death.

By encouraging yourself and your fellow players to stay true to your characters, you can do some truly incredible things that can help in various situations depending on how you choose to spend your Insight.