Average Lifespan: 430 years
Average Male Height: 6’10”
Average Male Weight: 310 lb. - 340 lb.
Average Female Height: 6’5”
Average Female Weight: 235 lb. - 255 lb.

The Jarrith are unique in that they did not mutate from an existing species, but rather spawned from the remnants of Jarr’s shattered body like the Jarri originally did millennia ago. Though they are fundamentally related to Jarr and the Elemental Dragons, the Jarrith, as originally seen from the Gemstone Dragons, are not inherently evil. Many believe this is the case because their creation was spawned from a mixture of the goddess Flow’s energy and Lady Chiffon’s flow from the Stone of Merlin, and not a corruption from the Great Shadow.

Though they do have some features befitting of a dragon, it would be completely incorrect to classify them as one. Although they’re fairly tall compared to most other races, they are ants in comparison to the massive size of the Jarri. The bodies of the Jarrith are covered in tough, armor-like scales. It doesn’t make them invulnerable to harm, but it protects them equally as well as an Arkhan’s skin does. The Jarrith’s head is their most distinguishing feature that resembles a dragon, and although they stand perfectly upright, they have long tails that drag along the ground. Their tails hold almost no purpose when simply walking, but in a running stance, it provides a perfect counterbalance to their completely horizontal upper body. The color of their skin and scales correspond to the element they can breathe: red for fire, violet for wind, gold for lightning, green for earth, blue for water, cream for light, and black for dark.

Jarrith live for a reasonably long time, but unlike Fibblans, they mature almost as quickly as Humans and Equirions do. By the age of 25, Jarrith reach full adulthood, but females do not start their menstrual cycle until 32 years old. Jarrith do not give live birth, instead laying a single egg once a year which takes an entire five years to hatch. Because of this, Jarrith births are very infrequent, and require an immense amount of care and attention. The eggs of a Jarrith are extremely tough, which lessens the burden of hatching it, so baby Jarrith grow a sharp claw on their right foot to crack out of egg when they’re ready to be born. This sharp claw breaks off in the first couple years of life.

Although Jarrith are perfectly capable of understanding Main, they vocally cannot speak, only being able to release grunts, growls, and roars. However, they seem to have a strange telepathic ability to speak to others which acts like a loudspeaker. They can control the volume of their thoughts, but they cannot direct their thoughts at specific people. A loud enough thought can be heard in people’s minds from hundreds of feet away. Jarrith sometimes do this in conjunction with roaring with their voice to intimidate their enemies.

The majority of Jarrith live in Oriens and Occasus. They are somewhat discriminated against in Atlum and Mugio because their origin reminds people about their fear of the Jarri. Despite this, the ever welcoming Fibblans provide them refuge, while the Arkhans respect the strength the Jarrith command. Jarrith love butting heads with Arkhans in return, not out of disrespect, but out of friendly competition. Over the years, they grew a strong mutual rivalry. Although they live mostly in Oriens and Occasus, Jarrith prefer to wear very elegant, fanciful clothes akin to Equirion fashion. It seems that they take pleasure in the contrast between the clothing and their bestial appearance.

Choosing the Jarrith:
Consider the following details to help you choose the characteristics of your Jarrith character. Jarrith names are fierce and bold, with an emphasis on G, D, and K sounds. As a Jarrith, you cannot vocally speak, but you communicate with a sort of loudspeaker telepathy, allowing you to speak Main and Jarri.
Determining Age: 30 + 5d20
Determining Height: 6’0” + 2d6 inches
Determining Weight: 180 + 4d6 lb. per inch past 6’0”

Race Traits
Armored Body - Your Jarrith body is covered head to toe in armor-like scales. Your Physical Evasion is increased by 3, you are immune to Fire damage, and you take no damage from falls, falling objects, throws, and Knockback.

Intimidating Presence - Your mere presence as a humanoid Jarri strikes fear into your enemies. At the beginning of each round of battle, you may perform an opposing Strength, Spirit, or Charisma check against all enemies units within 100’ of you. If you win by at least 5, they must skip their turn. If you win by at least 3, they roll to hit at a Disadvantage. If you win by less than 3, their Accuracy is reduced by 1. This does not work against units of the same or higher level than you and some creatures.

Jarrith Senses - As a Jarrith, you have special senses that the regular races do not have. You gain access to Enhanced Smelling, Farsight, and Nightvision.
Enhanced Smelling - You are capable of using your enhanced sense of smelling to locate the general direction of a unit.
Farsight - You are capable of seeing great distances with perfect clarity.
Nightvision - You are capable of seeing in the dark with perfect clarity.

Jarrith Roar - You muster up the fury within you to unleash a powerful roar. Once per day, you may perform a Jarrith Roar that automatically hits all enemy units within 100’ of you. All hit units perform a Vitality check. On a result of 12 or lower, they are now Staggered and this cannot be ignored.

Unrelenting Beast - The Jarri blood flowing through your veins turns you into an unrelenting beast. Whenever your Health Points fall below half of the maximum, you gain access to an extra Main Action, you may move your entire Movement Speed during your Move Phase and still perform Main Actions, and all your attacks roll to hit with Advantage.

Special Trait
Jarrith Breath - Jarrith are capable of breathing the elements from their mouths, an inheritance from their draconic heritage. Upon creating your character, choose one element: Fire, Wind, Lightning, Earth, Water, Light, or Dark. You gain access to the following skill:
Jarrith Breath Special Active - Offensive
Breathe an elemental blast from your mouth.
Attack Type: Magical Property: Cone AoE
FP Cost: 5 FP Range: 0’ - 20’
Cool Down Category: B
Combat Effects: Deals 3d6 + Character Level + (Strength Modifier or Spirit Modifier) magical damage to all units within range in a 90-degree cone. The element of this skill is dependent on the element you chose upon creating your character. If the element of this skill is Fire, all hit units are now Burning. If it is Wind, all hit units gain 2 stacks of Bleeding. If it is Lightning, all hit units are Staggered. If it is Earth, all hit units are Blinded for 3 rounds. If it is Water, all hit units are now Poisoned. If it is Light, heal yourself for half the damage dealt. If it is Dark, all hit units are Vulnerable for 2 rounds. This skill does not get bonuses from your Physical Damage, Magic Damage, or Weapon Proficiencies.
Other Effects: This skill is capable of destroying stone objects.