Average Lifespan: Immortal
Average Male Height: Varies
Average Male Weight: Varies
Average Female Height: Varies
Average Female Weight: Varies

When the Second Surge erupted, the energy that spread throughout Terrium was powerful enough to sever the ties that shackled liches to their wraith masters. Freed from being controlled, liches regained the humanity and memories they once had before their transformation. Some embraced their new lives while others cursed it, but all those who refused to serve under a wraith share the same ultimate goal: to kill their former wraith master and save their soul from eternal damnation in the Depths. Once their wraith master has died, the Lich can finally live the remainder of their life knowing their soul will pass through the Halls of Purification to enter the Spirit World. Despite being functionally immortal, most Liches who achieve their goal immediately destroy their phylactery, and go on adventures until they die.

Although there were originally a finite number of Liches created by the Second Surge, there are rare cases of when newly created Liches are able to break free from their wraith masters either by divine intervention or a fluke of nature. The appearance of the Lich depends entirely on the race they previously were before being transformed and how long they’ve been a Lich for. The longer they’ve spent as a Lich, the more their appearance resembles that of a skeletal corpse. Regardless of their physical appearance, many Liches choose to wear large cloaks and masks to hide their undead visage.

Thanks to the Second Surge and the return of many Liches’ humanity, it is now more commonly known how liches come to be. Wraiths, the darkest of spirits and the heralds of Jarr, steal the souls of innocents under the guise of a false god or simply without the victim’s awareness. Slowly, the victim will lose their sanity due to the lack of a soul, and when they die of madness, the wraith seals the victim’s soul within a phylactery and transform’s their body into an undead vessel that is a lich. Through this process, the wraith gains complete control over their newly created lich, and uses them to spread death throughout Terrium. Some truly evil individuals willingly sell their souls away to wraiths in pursuit of power and immortality.

Due to their origin and appearance, Liches tend to live in seclusion and scarcely, if ever, come into contact with others. Their mere presence can cause a feeling of dread, which results in many communities driving them away despite their regained humanity. Their solitude often results in their failure to eliminating their wraith master, and leaves them damned to the Depths. Over time, however, more and more adventurers have braved to party alongside Liches, and increase the chances of the Lich to finally cleanse their soul.

Choosing the Lich:
Consider the following details to help you choose the characteristics of your Lich character. Your name, height, and weight all depend on what race your character was before being transformed into a Lich. Your age could be hundreds, even thousands, of years. As a Lich, you are able to speak all languages your original race was able to speak.
Determining Age: Varies
Determining Male Height: Varies
Determining Male Weight: Varies
Determining Female Height: Varies
Determining Female Weight: Varies

Race Traits
Dark Magic - Your undead body has been modified to be a master of dark magic. All of your Active - Offensive skills that deal damage cost 1 FP more, have the Dark element instead of their current element, and roll an extra damage die. If the skill already has the Dark element, it does not cost 1 FP more. Increase your Physical Evasion by 1 for every 3 points of your Spirit Modifier.

Lich Senses - As a Lich, you have special senses that the regular races do not have. You gain access to Farsight, Nightvision, and Radar Sense.
Farsight - You are capable of seeing great distances with perfect clarity.
Nightvision - You are capable of seeing in the dark with perfect clarity.
Radar Sense - You are capable of feeling the presence of a unit and find its general direction when the unit comes within 100’ of you.

Magical Aptitude - Your body is naturally attuned to better resist magic. Increase your Magic Evasion by 4, and you Critically Evade magical attacks on a natural evade roll of 5 or higher.

Touch of Death - You hold a deadly touch in your hands. You gain access to the following skill:
Touch of Death Special Active - Offensive
Give a foe a touch of death.
Attack Type: Magical Property: Single Target
FP Cost: Character Level FP Range: 0’ - 5’
Cool Down Category: Special
Combat Effects: Deals (Character Level)d6 + 10 + (Strength Modifier or Spirit Modifier) magical Dark damage. Leaves the target Brittle for 2 rounds. This skill does not get bonuses from your Physical Damage, Magic Damage, or Weapon Proficiencies. This skill can only be used once per battle.

Unearthly Presence - Your mere presence unsettles those around you, and spreads death and decay. Outside of battle, your presence creates a general feeling of dread. All other units within 50’ of you lose twice the amount of Health Points from Damage Over Time status ailments.

Special Trait
Phylactery - Your soul is bound to a piece of wearable jewelry worth at least 1000 lupa, such as a ring or amulet. Regardless of what piece of jewelry you choose, your phylactery has 10 Health Points. As long as your phylactery is intact and you stay within 100’ of it, you are incapable of dying. Even if you are not Resuscitated after being Incapacitated or your body is destroyed, your body will be restored next to your phylactery with 1 HP and 100 fatigue after a period of 24 hours have passed. You cannot spend more than 24 hours separated from your phylactery, or you lose your immortality forever. If your phylactery is damaged, you may spend an hour per Health Point to repair it. If your phylactery is destroyed, you must spend 48 uninterrupted hours binding your soul into a new piece of jewelry. You have 24 hours upon your phylactery being destroyed to begin binding your soul, or you lose your immortality forever.