Average Lifespan: 85 years
Average Male Height: 6’3”
Average Male Weight: 210 lb. - 225 lb.
Average Female Height: 5’7”
Average Female Weight: 145 lb. - 155 lb.

Although the Merfolk were affected by the Second Surge, they didn’t immediately reveal empowered selves to the surface as they were perfectly content with staying in their oceanic homes. A couple decades passed before the first Merfolk were curious and brave enough to explore what life was like on land. When they finally revealed themselves, the other races were surprised that there was still an entire civilization yet to have gone public with their newly found power. The Merfolk were very modest about their enhanced intelligence, and didn’t act much differently than before their change.

Merfolk that were affected by the Second Surge became physically much different than those who weren’t. While regular Merfolk must be specifically bred to become warriors, mages, or juggernauts, the new wave of Merfolk are genetically capable of becoming any combination of the three and can cover their own weaknesses through training. In terms of appearance, the enhanced Merfolk are tall and muscular. While not as bulky or wide as a regular juggernaut, these Merfolk combine the strength of the juggernaut with the agileness and sharp fins of the warriors, while still being capable of hydromancy like the mages. Mermaids are noticeably shorter than the Mermen, but are similar in physical builds.

The birth of the new wave of Merfolk is entirely dependent on the Mermaids. Regardless of whether or not the Merman is empowered, only empowered Mermaids can lay eggs that give birth to empowered Merfolk. Their eggs also take noticeably longer to hatch, requiring eight months as opposed to a regular egg’s five months. During this time, Mermen protect the eggs fiercely, staying awake for upwards of 36 hours at a time without food or rest. By the time the eggs hatch, the Mermen guarding them are so emaciated and exhausted that some succumb to it and die. Merfolk reach full adulthood by the age of 17, but those who are meant to become soldiers begin training as early as 12.

Due to their ties with their culture and traditions, Merfolk refuse to fight other Merfolk. They would even go so far as to betray their land-dwelling allies to defend their brethren. Although the new Merfolk are capable of living completely on land, they require a larger amount of water to stay hydrated. If a Merfolk does not keep up their liquids, their body significantly weakens until they replenish themselves. Because of this, nearly all Merfolk live in port cities next to the ocean where they can swim in the water whenever they please.

Choosing the Merfolk:
Consider the following details to help you choose the characteristics of your Merfolk character. Merfolk often have very bubbly names, emphasizing on B, L, and R sounds. As a Merfolk, you can speak Main and Merfolk.
Determining Age: 16 + 2d10
Determining Male Height: 6’0” + 1d6 inches
Determining Female Height: 5’4” + 1d6 inches
Determining Male Weight: 205 lb. + 2d4 lb. per inch past 6’0”
Determining Female Weight: 140 lb. + 1d6 lb. per inch past 5’4”

Race Traits
Aquatic Superiority - Although you reign supreme in the water, you aren’t necessarily weaker on land. Your Movement Speed is doubled while moving through deep water. As long as you are hydrated, all single target attacks made against you roll at a Disadvantage, and your attacks Critically Hit on a natural hit roll of 10 or higher.

Hydromancy - As a Merfolk, you naturally gravitate towards water magic. You absorb Water damage and resist Fire damage. Whenever you perform a non-elemental Active - Offensive skill, you may give it the Water element. Whenever you perform an Active- Offensive skill with the Water element, roll an extra damage die.

Juggernaut Upbringing - You were born and raised to be a juggernaut. Increase your Health Point Growth and Physical Evasion by 1. Whenever you would be affected by a control-impairing Status Ailment such as Staggered, roll 1d6. On a result of 4-6, ignore that ailment.

Mage Upbringing - You were born and raised to be a mage. Increase your Flow Point Growth and Magic Damage by 1. Whenever you perform a non-elemental Active - Offensive skill, you may give it the Water element. Once per day, if you perform a Magical Active - Offensive skill with the Water element, you may pay 4 FP. If you do, all hit units are encased in ice and become Defenseless for 1 round, but the Cool Down Category of the skill is changed from none to A, A to B, or B to C depending on its original category.

Warrior Upbringing - You were born and raised to be a warrior. Increase your Physical Damage, Accuracy, and Physical Evasion by 1. Once per day during battle, you may move your entire Movement Speed during your Move Phase and ignore Deadlock while doing so. You may then perform a single attack against each unit you pass by with your sharp forearm fins, dealing 2d8 + Character Level damage. Each attack has a chance to cause 1 stack of Bleeding on a 1d6 roll of 4-6.

Special Trait
Hydration - Merfolk require more water than the average race in order to stay hydrated. You must drink 16 fl. oz. (1 lb.) of water for every four hours you spend awake. If you have not drunken any water in the past four hours, your hit rolls, Attribute checks, and Quality checks all roll at a Disadvantage. However, if you’ve drunken at least 16 fl. oz. of water in the past one hour, your hit rolls, Attribute checks, and Quality checks all roll with Advantage. You may replace your drinking needs of up to eight hours by spending at least 10 minutes completely submerged in water or being exposed to rain. As long as you are submerged in water or exposed to rain, you are considered hydrated. This also extends the duration of your Advantage rolls to two hours. As a Merfolk, you have the natural ability to breathe underwater.