Mystic Gunslinger


Base HP: 25
HP Growth: 1d8
Base FP: 18
FP Growth: 1d4
Weapon: Caster Revolver
Damage Focus: Magic Damage
The Equirions produced a deadly weapon at the peak of its technology. It was small and compact compared to the arm cannon. It could be wielded with one hand unlike the longbow. It was deadly and could even be used by individuals who had no talent in controlling their flow. It was the caster revolver. With enough money, anyone could defend themselves. However, money was the problem. Caster shells loaded with magic were extremely expensive, so the Iquorans decided to live by the caster revolver. They honed their magical abilities to quickly load shells with magic and use them on the fly. Through their efforts, they created a class unlike any other: the Mystic Gunslinger.

Commanding the second longest attack range, Mystic Gunslingers shoot down enemies from afar. Their unique shell system allows them to store magic for later use, bypassing lengthy cool downs to deal constant damage. Mystic Gunslingers possess virtually no defensive skills if enemies are able to close in on them, but they can rapidly fire at close range foes in hopes of quickly eliminating them. They are primarily a long-range damage-dealing class that excels at inflicting high damage and status ailments to single targets.

- Dependent Range
- Recoil
- Reload
- Stored Shell

- Disabler Shell
- Impact Shell
- Incendiary Shell
- Rapid Fire
- Slicer Shell
- Stunner Shell

- Explosive Shell
- Extreme Firepower
- Frostbite Shell
- Gravitational Shell
- Phantom Barrage
- Slugger Shell
-Twin Gunner

- Black Rose
- The Ender

Quick Start Build
Attributes: 4 (-2) / 12 (+6) / 8 (+2) / 9 (+3) / 7 (+1)
Starting Skills: Rapid Fire / Slicer Shell or Disabler Shell / Stunner Shell