Noble Gallant


Base HP: 35
HP Growth: 1d12
Base FP: 10
FP Growth: 1d4 (max. 2)
Weapon: Grapple Shields
Damage Focus: Physical Damage
Noble Gallants are the cavalry of the Human army in the Mugio continent. They are often hired and trained by the government to become loyal soldiers. Some richer families have their eldest sons privately trained to become Noble Gallants, although training to be Chevaliers is more commonplace. Wielding large, razor-edged shields, Noble Gallants boast a heavy defense with surprising offense. With a long chain and pulley system built in the inside of the shields, Noble Gallants can throw their shields and call them back with the help of flow.

By far the most defensive class, the Noble Gallant stands firmly in the front-line to face down the party’s enemies. They are talented in supporting and protecting their allies as well as using their grappling hook to sweep enemies off their feet for the party to dish out damage. Although the Noble Gallant is fantastic defensively, it does lack in the offensive department. They are primarily a front-line utility class that excels at protecting their party and impairing enemies.

- Defensive Stance
- Grapple Mode
- Natural Dual Wielder

- Discombobulate
- Double Reel
- Iron Will
- Radial Bash
- Safeguard
- Shield Bash

- Charging Star
- Crashing Chains
- Gracious Martyr
- Repositioning Throw
- Sacrificial Bond
- Saving Grace
- Sweeping Hook

- Enraged Phoenix
- Magnum Barrage

Quick Start Build
Attributes: 9 (+3) / 4 (-2) / 10 (+4) / 9 (+3) / 8 (+2)
Starting Skills: Discombobulate / Safeguard