Race Traits


You may choose one race trait that is appropriate to the race of your character. These traits are unique to your character’s race, and have special properties that relate to their ancestry.

Equirions, the Mystical
Exploit Weakness - Your attacks critically hit on a natural roll of 10 or higher. Only attacks that Critically Hit on a natural roll of 12 are considered Crucial Strikes. Whenever you perform an aimed attack that hits a monster’s weak spot, you will immediately recognize it as a weak spot and roll an extra damage die.

The Superior Race - You were born to be better, and you know it. Whenever you perform an Attribute or Quality check, you critically hit on a natural roll of 10 or higher.

Equirion Majesty - Your presence evokes a sense of absolute beauty and awe. Whenever you perform a Charisma check, you roll with Advantage. Whenever you are the target of a single target attack that isn’t a Backstab, you and the attacker perform an opposing Charisma check before the attacker rolls to hit. If you win by at least 4, the attack is cancelled. If you win by less than 4, the attacker rolls to hit at a Disadvantage. This does not work against higher beings and monsters.

Arkhans, the Indomitable
Intimidation - Your presence strikes fear into lesser beings. Whenever you perform a Charisma check, you may use your Strength Modifier instead and roll with advantage. At the beginning of each round in battle, you may choose to perform an opposing Charisma check against a unit. If you win by at least 5, they skip their next turn. If you win by at least 3, they roll to hit with a Disadvantage on their next turn. If you win by less than 3, their Accuracy is reduced by 1 on their next turn. This does not work against units of the same or higher level than you and some creatures.

Immense Strength - Pick up boulders, kick down doors, and bust through walls. You're an Arkhan, dammit. You can do these things. Whenever you perform a Strength check, you always roll with Advantage and can never be forced to roll at a Disadvantage. You are capable of wielding an Arm Cannon, Poleaxe, Forearm Blade, Boomerang, Scythe, Battle Axe, and Flail as if they were one-handed light weapons. Every point in your Strength Score past 11 increases your Physical Damage by 3. If you go over your Carrying Limit, your Movement Speed is not reduced.

Tough Hide - Whether you're getting thrown around or kicked off a ladder, it's all good, you can take it. Your Physical Evasion is increased by 2, and Critical Hits against you are considered regular hits. The Bleeding and Burning Status Ailments only persist for one round on you.

Humans, the Hardworking
Initiative -You just want to jump right in, don't you? If you’re the first player to take their turn during your party’s turn, you may move your entire Movement Speed and still take a Main Action. If you initiate an action that would provoke an opposing Attribute or Quality check, you roll with Advantage and the opponent rolls with Disadvantage.

Intense Discipline - You are disciplined and unwavering. You can never be forced to roll at a Disadvantage, and whenever you roll with Advantage, increase the result by 1. You may use your daily skill a second time in a single day, or use both daily skills in a single day. Daily skills only increase your fatigue by 60 instead of 80.

The Hardworking - Staying true to your race. Choose two extra generic traits for your character.

Fibblans, the Wise
Nature Affinity - You're more in tune with your natural surroundings than anyone else. You roll with Advantage whenever you perform an Attribute or Quality check that relates to nature or weather. Your Movement Speed is unaffected by the effects of terrain, elevation, and weather, and your Accuracy is unaffected by the effects of weather.

Magical Attunement - Your body is heavily attuned to the magical forces. Increase your Evasion by 3 whenever you roll to evade against a magical attack, and you Automatically Evade magical attacks on a natural evade roll of 5 or higher. Whenever you perform a Spirit check to sense or dispel magic, roll with Advantage.

Synthesis - No need for shades, soak up that sun! When outdoors in the daylight, you regain Health Points and Flow Points twice as fast while at rest, you do not need to be asleep to regain Health Points and Flow Points, and you recover 1 Health Point and 1 Flow Point at the beginning of your turn when in battle. Synthesis doesn't work when your health is 0 or lower.

Iquorans, the Halfkin
Adaptive Speed - You’re fleet-footed and you easily become accustomed to the attacks of your enemies. Increase the result of all of your Agility checks by 2. If your Movement Speed is lower than 100’, it becomes 100’. Whenever an opponent hits you with an attack, increase the natural result of your evade roll by 1 until you Automatically Evade an attack.

Talented Wielder - You could pick up a weapon and quickly become a pro at using it. You gain Weapon Proficiency points twice as fast. Once you hit level 5 proficiency, your damage and accuracy bonuses become +7 and +3 respectively. Enemy units cannot Automatically Evade your Normal Attacks and single target skills.

Accomplished Worker - You are smarter and have worked harder than others to achieve what they cannot. Your character begins the game with an extra Basic skill of your choice for your primary class. You also gain skill points on even-numbered levels. Once you’ve learned all of your class’s skills, reduce their FP/HP Costs by 1. FP/HP Costs cannot be reduced below 1 this way.

Khibblans, the Beastkin
Spiritual Power - Your strength is fueled by both your physical prowess and magical attunement. Whenever you perform a Strength or Spirit check, you may increase the result by the other’s modifier. When you create your character, you may choose to have your Physical Attacks scale with Magic Damage and be considered Magical Attacks, or have your Magical Attacks scale with Physical Damage and be considered Physical Attacks. For every 3 points in your Strength Modifier, increase your Flow Point Growth by 1. For every 3 points in your Spirit Modifier, increase your Defense by 1.

Exploit Strengths - You may not be an Arkhan, but your strength should never be underestimated. Whenever you perform a Strength check, roll with Advantage. Whenever you deal at least 25 damage to an enemy, that attack is considered a Crucial Strike. Units that are Crucially Struck by you must roll a 12 or higher for their Vitality checks. Whenever you score a Crucial Strike from a Critical Hit and the target fails its Vitality check, increase the result of your Crucial Strike roll by 20.

Acclimated Hide - It might not be as tough as Arkhan skin, but your Fibblan blood makes your hybrid skin born to be different. You gain a resistance to one element, an immunity to a second element, absorb a third element, but gain a weakness to a fourth element.