Resolute Champion


Base HP: 35
HP Growth: 1d12
Base FP: 10
FP Growth: 1d4 (max. 2)
Weapon: Battle Axe
Damage Focus: Physical Damage
The Iquorans of Mugio felt that the standing army required a more frightening frontline presence than just the Noble Gallant. Though Runic Chevaliers were powerful, they tended to keep their distance, and Empyreal Ronin weren’t commonly found in mainland armies. Thus, the Iquorans took up battle axes as wide as their body and became Resolute Champions. The mere appearance of such a large weapon could make enemies take a second thought, and using Gallant techniques, they learned to wield such a broad weapon even defensively.

The Resolute Champion is all about running to the front-line and establishing the momentum in battle. As long as they can keep hitting their enemies without missing, they become stronger and stronger as their enemies bleed to death. Resolute Champions are poor at defense, but their offensive prowess makes up for it. They are primarily a damage-dealing front-line class that excels at bleeding out their foes.

- Gnashing Blade

- Bloodletting
- Catapult
- Merciless Assault
- Merry-Go-Round
- Shockwave
- Vile Blade

- Battle Cry
- Champion's Momentum
- Descending Fury
- Molten Chopper
- Onslaught
- Tear to Shreds
- Void Force

- Land Sunder
- Trinity Breaker

Quick Start Build
Attributes: 10 (+4) / 4 (-2) / 9 (+3) / 9 (+3) / 8 (+2)
Starting Skills: Merry-Go-Round / Vile Blade or Bloodletting / Merry-Go-Round