Runic Chevalier


Base HP: 30
HP Growth: 1d10
Base FP: 14
FP Growth: 1d4 (max. 3)
Weapon: Rapier
Damage Focus: Physical and Magic Damage
Humans have found a way to combine magics and swordplay to become the Runic Chevalier. As the main infantry of the Human army, Runic Chevaliers throw flurries of elemental attacks at their foes. It is very common for rich families and noblemen to be privately trained as Runic Chevaliers. Adept Humans in this class are able to imbue their weapons and use the power of the sun to completely destroy their foes.

Runic Chevaliers are masters of the elements and can quickly ascertain an enemy’s elemental weakness through sheer trial and error. Their main abilities vary in element depending on the element their weapon is imbued with, and most of their other skills empower their elemental attacks. The Runic Chevalier has a couple defensive options, but they mainly depend on their allies to support them. They are primarily a damage-dealing fighter class that excels at high damage elemental attacks.

- Hybrid Proficiencies

- Ancient Elemental Strike
- Elemental Pillar
- Elemental Thrust
- Imbue: Weapon Element
- Magical Armor
- Power Thrust

- Ancient Elemental Barrage
- Elemental Adept
- Elemental Exploit
- Elemental Explosion
- Flicker
- Imbue: Body Element
- Runic Empowerment

- Giga Drive
- Prominence

Quick Start Build
Attributes: 9 (+3) / 10 (+4) / 6 (0) / 7 (+1) / 8 (+2)
Starting Skills: Elemental Thrust, Imbue: Weapon Element