There are twenty different classes in the world of Ebb & Flow. Each one of them was created by individuals throughout history from every race. Equirions created the Arcane Ranger, Blood Letterer, Cross Assailant, and Essence Abolisher. Arkhans created the Artillery Jockey, Crush Avatar, Doom Harbinger, and Infernal Reaper. Humans created the Crusade Maestro, Empyreal Ronin, Noble Gallant, and Runic Chevalier. Fibblans created the Divine Sentinel, Flow Assimilator, Flow Rupturor, and Soul Morpher. Iquorans created the Mystic Gunslinger and Resolute Champion. Finally, the Khibblans created the Glorious Hunter and Twilight Sentry.

Every race has an affinity towards the classes they originally created. Iquorans and Khibblans especially have an affinity for not only the classes they created but also the classes of the races they’re mixed from. However, every race is capable of training to become any of the twenty classes. It comes down to personal preference, and uniqueness. Sometimes, it’s a spectacle to see a Fibblan who has chosen to become an Infernal Reaper.



Choosing Your Class

After choosing what race your character will be, you will choose one of the twenty classes as your primary class. The primary class will determine your character’s Base HP and HP Growth, your Base FP and FP Growth, your primary weapon, and your Native Class Bonus, if it applies. Upon choosing your character’s class, you immediately gain access to that class’s Inherent skills and two Basic skills. A detailed, comprehensive list of every class’s skills can be found in Section X. Your character learns new skills through leveling up or learning them from a training scroll or NPC. In the following descriptions of the twenty classes, there will be a couple paragraphs dedicated to describing how the class came to be and their play style. A quick start build is also provided for each class for people who might not want to think too hard about balancing their attributes with their class. These builds will list the scores of each attribute in the order of Strength, Spirit, Vitality, Dexterity, and Agility as well as provide a suggestion for your two Basic skills.



Native Class Bonus

Players who choose a class native to their race will receive a bonus depending on their race.

Humans - Human and Iquoran players who choose to be a Crusade Maestro, Empyreal Ronin, Noble Gallant, or Runic Chevalier gain access to Adaptation - Choose an extra generic trait when creating your character.

Arkhans - Arkhan and Khibblans players who choose to be an Artillery Jockey, Crush Avatar, Doom Harbinger, or Infernal Reaper gain access to Strongarm Aggression - You may use your Strength or Spirit modifier when rolling to hit instead of your base Accuracy. If you do, the next single target attack against you rolls to hit with Advantage.

Equirions - Equirion and Iquoran players who choose to be an Arcane Ranger, Blood Letter, Cross Assailant, or Essence Abolisher gain access to Elegant Speed - You do not need to roll to break away if you are deadlocked with only 1 enemy.

Fibblans - Fibblan and Khibblan players who choose to be a Divine Sentinel, Flow Assimilator, Flow Rupturor, or Soul Morphers gain access to Flow Reserve - Every day, a Fibblan may fall below 0 FP, up to a negative amount of their maximum FP, to use skills. When the day is over, the player gains 3 fatigue for every point of FP they go below 0. Once they begin recovering FP again, they may not use any skills that require FP until they are back at maximum FP.

Iquorans - Iquoran players who choose to be a Mystic Gunslinger or Resolute Champion gain access to Proud Halfkin - Choose an extra race trait when creating your character.

Khibblans - Khibblan players who choose to be a Glorious Hunter or Twilight Sentry gain access to Bestial Force - Whenever you Overflow a skill that deals damage, increase that skill’s damage by your Strength or Spirit Modifier for each time you Overflowed it.




All classes have skills that are separated into four categories: Inherent, Basic, Advanced, and Daily. Skills can be used during a battle, and sometimes outside of a battle, at the cost of FP. Skills are mutually exclusive to the class’s specific weapon, and cannot be performed without them or with a different weapon. Although it may make sense for some of the Ronin’s skills to be performed by a forearm blade, they are unable to do so. Each class has one or more inherent skills, six basic skills, seven advanced skills, and two daily skills. At level 1, characters start with all of their inherent skills and two basic skills of their choice for their primary class. Daily skills cost no FP, but can only be used once per day. If a player has unlocked both of their daily skills, they can only use one of them in a single day. A player must have at least four hours of bed rest between each day to be able to use their daily skill again.

Every odd-numbered level a player reaches, they may learn a new skill of their choice in their class. However, a player must have at least three basic skills before learning an advanced skill and at least two advanced skills before learning a daily skill. In addition to learning skills by leveling up, a player may learn them by either studying a training scroll or having skills taught to them by an NPC. Skills that are learned or taught in this way do not require a minimum of skills from the previous tier. For example, you can still learn an advanced skill from a scroll or NPC even if you only have two basic skills. You can even learn a daily skill without knowing any advanced skills!

Scrolls for all basic skills can be found throughout cities and towns or taught by NPCs no matter the class; however, they usually come at a nominal fee. Advanced and daily skills are significantly harder to acquire. Scrolls for them are rare to find, or are sometimes sold at a high price. NPCs might also ask for a high price, or they may teach you as a reward for completing a task for them.

When learning a new skill from a skill scroll, the player’s character must practice the new skill outside of battle for at least 1 hour per day for 3 days for a basic skill, 5 days for an advanced skill, and 7 days for a daily skill. If taught to by an NPC, the amount of time is lessened to 1 day for a basic skill, 3 days for an advanced skill, and 5 days for a daily skill.