Other Customization Options


Although the options previously listed in the Customizing Your Character section are nonessential to building your character, the options in this section are especially so because they can drastically change the dynamic of how your character is played. You should check with your GM if these options will be okay for you to play with, and both the GM and you should be fully aware that playing with some of these options available can make your character far more powerful than normal. With this in mind, your campaign should be adjusted accordingly to accommodate your character’s heightened power.

That being the case, these customization options include Class Paths, Secondary Classes, and Additional Playable Races. Class Paths and Secondary Classes add an extra punch to your character, allowing them to be larger than life and truly a force of nature in their adventures. Additional Playable Races is exactly what it sounds like. There are eight more races you may choose to play as instead of the four main races and two mixed races, but rules revolving around these additional races are slightly different from the others.


Class Paths (WIP)


Beginning at level 2 and every even-numbered level thereon, you may choose to receive a Class Path Point or a Secondary Class Point. If you choose to receive a Class Path Point, you may customize your class further by opting into one of three of your class’s paths by spending the point to gain rank 1 of that path. Every point you spend into your Class Path increases its rank by 1 to a maximum of rank 10 at level 20 (assuming you choose to receive a Class Path Point every even-numbered level). Each rank augments your character or class in a way that benefits your class, and your character benefits from all augments up to the highest rank of your path. Once you choose a path, you may not opt into a different path.


Secondary Class


Beginning at level 2 and every even-numbered level thereon, you may choose to receive a Class Path Point or a Secondary Class Point. If you choose to receive a Secondary Class Point, you may choose another class to supplement your primary class. Once you choose a secondary class, you may not opt into another class. By spending a Secondary Class Point, you may learn specific skills from the class of your choice as listed further on in this portion. Some secondary classes have more skills to choose from than others and you must learn all available Basic skills before beginning to learn Advanced skills, so choose wisely. In addition, you may use your secondary class’s weapon as a secondary weapon and begin to gain proficiency points for that class. You may also choose to learn Basic and Advanced skills not listed below with your Secondary Class Point; however, you must be wielding that class’s weapon in order to use them. While wielding your secondary class’s weapon, you gain access to their Inherent skills. Secondary Class skills can only be learned by spending a Secondary Class Point. They cannot be learned through training scrolls or instructors.

Arcane Ranger
Basic Skills Advanced Skills
Anchored Lifeline Phantasmal Doppelganger
Covert Movement Strafe Fire
Spectral Hawk Target Acquired

Artillery Jockey
Basic Skills Advanced Skills
Primed and Ready Double Charge
Healing Field

Blood Letterer
Basic Skills Advanced Skills
Quicken Kneel

Cross Assailant
Basic Skills Advanced Skills
Double Strike Body Shift
Preparation Death Mark
Unseen Form Illusion Step
Illusory Strike

Crusade Maestro
Due to the nature of this class’s skills, the Crusade Maestro’s skills can only be performed while wielding the class’s weapon.

Crush Avatar
Basic Skills Advanced Skills
Berserker Epiphany
Counter Puncher

Divine Sentinel
Basic Skills Advanced Skills
Morale Boost Divine Influx
Radiant Veil Easing Sanctum
Rectifying Light Temple of Protection

Doom Harbinger
Basic Skills Advanced Skills
Black Cloud Cripple
Raven Flit Everlasting Rage
Whet Bloodlust

Empyreal Ronin
Basic Skills Advanced Skills
Ascetic Soul Parry
Samurai Spirit

Essence Abolisher
Basic Skills Advanced Skills
Essence Split Power Sap
Soul Tether

Flow Assimilator
Basic Skills Advanced Skills
Assimilate Ensnare
Flow Augmentation Reverse Summon
Recall Summon: Advanced Creature
Summon: Basic Creature Summoned Fury
Summon: Companion Summoned Synergy

Flow Rupturor
Basic Skills Advanced Skills
Blink Charge
Temporal Acceleration

Glorious Hunter
Basic Skills Advanced Skills
Alluring Charm Emergency Provisions
Shackle Breaker Experienced Hunter

Infernal Reaper
Basic Skills Advanced Skills
New Moon Black Spectre
Death Gate
Ebony Ward

Mystic Gunslinger
Due to the nature of this class’s skills, the Mystic Gunslinger’s skills can only be performed while wielding the class’s weapon.

Noble Gallant
Basic Skills Advanced Skills
Iron Will Gracious Martyr
Safeguard Sacrificial Bond
Saving Grace

Resolute Champion
Basic Skills Advanced Skills
Bloodletting Battle Cry
Catapult Champion’s Momentum
Void Force

Runic Chevalier
Basic Skills Advanced Skills
Imbue: Weapon Element Elemental Adept
Magical Armor Elemental Exploit
Power Thrust Flicker
Imbue: Body Element

Soul Morpher
Due to the nature of this class’s skills, your character always has access to the Soul Morpher’s Inherent skills, and all of the Soul Morpher’s Basic and Advanced skills are available so long as the character is transformed into the proper form. While the character is wielding their primary class’s weapon, attacks performed with the Soul Morpher suffer from the Off-Hand penalties listed in the Dual Wielding section and are treated as a light weapon.

Twilight Sentry
Due to the nature of this class’s skills, the Twilight Sentry’s skills can only be performed while wielding the class’s weapon.

Additional Playable Races


There are several other races you may want to play as instead of one of the six default races. Perhaps the other races don’t appeal to you very much, or maybe you’ve already had your fill playing as them. Worry not, as there are eight additional races that you may choose to be. However, these additional races do come with a caveat. These races cannot choose any generic traits upon creation or level up, and since they are not one of the six main races, they cannot gain access to any of the native class bonuses. However, as compensation, each race listed in this section may choose up to two of their race traits at level 1, a third race trait at level 7, and have their own special trait that you gain access to as well.