Public Services

Avian Courier


Much like the Bank of Terrium, a postal service that delivers mail through the use of messenger falcons also exists. The cost of postage is dependent on the distance and location of where the piece of mail is being sent. Like the bank, players are able to receive mail and have mail that was sent to a different location be forwarded to their current location for a fee.


Bank System


“Welcome to the International Bank of Terrium! Whether there’s peace or war or it’s the end of the world, we’re dedicated to providing the citizens of Terrium with our services. How may I help you?”
- International Bank of Terrium greeting

The International Bank of Terrium is a multinational bank that functions separately from individual cities and kingdoms. Players are able to deposit their lupa and valuables by opening an account with the bank. It takes 1d4 days for a player’s account to update to all banks across Terrium. Valuables deposited at a bank are tied to that specific bank; however, they can be transported to another bank on request. Transportation of valuables may take several days depending on location. Opening an account with the International Bank of Terrium requires just two things: a written signature and a flow signature. A flow signature acts much like a fingerprint; it is the frequency created when generating flow that is unique from person to person and is used for identification, amongst other things.


Carriage Wagon


Cities and towns usually provide a carriage wagon service for travelers. Smaller villages or tribes, however, do not. It costs 10 lupa per person per day of travel, and is twice as fast as traveling by foot. Carriage wagons also travel in groups, so safety is usually assured.


Grand Railway Station


The Grand Railway is a train system that connects the four continents together. A station is located in each of the four capital cities in every continent. To travel from one capital city to a neighboring capital, it takes two days of travel and costs 250 lupa. To travel from one capital city to the opposite capital, it takes four days of travel and costs 450 lupa. The trains themselves also contain bedroom accommodations, restaurants, and a general shop. Sometimes there will be events going on in the train.




Hospitals and infirmaries are commonly found in cities and towns. Even small villages have healers. Players can seek out hospitals and healers to help tend their wounds when supplies are low. A player can pay 2 lupa for every 1 HP they need to be healed, and requires the player to stay at the hospital for 5 minutes for every 1 HP healed. Some hospitals can also be paid to diagnose illnesses or magical afflictions. The cost for these diagnoses is determined by the GM.


Law Enforcement


All cities and towns have some form of law enforcement. Guards, police, and watchmen all will uphold the laws of their homes. Oftentimes these law enforcement agencies will have bounties or wanted lists that need taken care of, and they will employ mercenaries to get the job done. Bounties are usually dead or alive missions where they don’t care how the criminal is brought to justice. Bounties can also include a hunt for a specific monster or driving off nearby monsters bothering citizens. Wanted lists include criminals that require capturing, but they must be brought back alive or no reward shall be given.




Large cities and some towns contain libraries where players are able to conduct research. The information available in each library is up to the GM. When a player spends a day doing research in the library, that player will perform an Observation check. The result required to pass will be up to the GM and is determined by how difficult the information is to find. At the end of the day, if the player was unable to find the piece of information they were looking for, they may perform a Knowledge check to see if their research is headed in the right direction. The requirement for this check will also be determined by the GM and how difficult the research is. If the player passes the Knowledge check, they will receive a +1 bonus to their Observation check if they decide to continue their research the next day. If the player fails, they must begin restart their research.


Ship Liners and Ferries


Cities and towns located by an ocean or sea usually have ports which provide ship liner services for travelers. It costs 50 lupa per person to travel from one continent to a neighboring continent, and 75 lupa per person to travel from one continent to an opposite continent. It usually takes one to two weeks of travel, and the passenger cost covers bedroom accommodations and food for the entire trip. Cities and towns near rivers and lakes may also offer ferry services to cross. They’re much cheaper, only costing 5 lupa per person to travel across and usually don’t take too much time. Some places, such as large cities in Oriens, offer free ferry services.


Terrium Union


The Terrium Union is an international government organization where appointed leaders from all over Terrium join together to promote peace and cooperation between all four nations. Their headquarters is located on neutral soil in Mugio, and have embassies located in every nation. The Terrium Union has their own authoritative force in the form of the Unified Terrium Police Force, more commonly known as the UTPF. The UTPF is comprised of incredibly highly trained soldiers who are mobilized to neutralize major threats to the peace of the planet and respond to natural disasters. Like local law enforcement, UTPF soldiers found throughout various large cities may have jobs for the players to do.


Training Facilities


Like purchasing skill scrolls to learn a new skill on your own, players may find NPCs in training facilities or training grounds to learn new skills from. Players will roll to determine which skills will be available to them just like skill scrolls, but the cost to hire a teacher will differ from time to time. Sometimes, the cost will be higher to learn a skill more quickly, and other times, it will cost less to learn a skill more slowly. On rare occasions, NPCs will even offer a trade in services.