Soul Morpher


Base HP: 35
HP Growth: 1d12
Base FP: 10
FP Growth: 1d4 (max. 2)
Weapon: None
Attack Range: 0’ - 5’
Damage Focus: Physical Damage
Some Fibblans lived as recluses and communed with nature to become Soul Morphers. They did not wield a weapon and instead took the form of creatures in Oriens to rely on their own physical prowess. They can morph themselves to resemble the ursa, the rubuffo, and the terroraptor to perform a wide range of abilities. While most Soul Morphers now live together in small groups, they often cooperate with city guards made of Divine Sentinels to confront big threats.

Soul Morphers use their ability to transform to fit any situation at hand. Each transformation has their own niche in battle, but the Soul Morpher cannot quickly switch between forms. Because of this, they must intelligently assess the situation to choose the best transformation. The Soul Morpher has limited defensive options, so they must stick with the rest of their frontline to ensure success. They are primarily a damage-dealing front-line class that is versatile in many situations.

- Natural Weapons
- Shapeshifting
- Soul of the Ursa
- Soul of the Rubuffo
- Soul of the Raptor

- (1) Charge / Leaping Strike / Ram
- (2) Call of the Pack / Call of the Army / Call of the Flock
- (3) Crushing Bite / Tongue Lash / Skirting Slash
- (4) Double Swipe / Tongue Tether / Beak Smash
- Basic Capture Soul

- (5) Mangling Claws / Poisonous Gas / Tailwind Storm
- (6) The Beast / The Voyager / The Hunter
- (7) Fatal Maul / Rebounding Kick / Retaliation Slash
- (8) Feral Rage / Exploit Blight / Dive Bomb
- Advanced Capture Soul

- (9) Ground Fissure / Crashing Rapids / Shredding Squall
- Master Capture Soul

Quick Start Build
Attributes: 10 (+4) / 4 (-2) / 10 (+4) / 8 (+2) / 8 (+2)
Starting Skills: (3) Crushing Bite/Tongue Lash/Skirting Slash / Basic Capture Soul