The Four Heroes of Legend


The Four Heroes of Legend are four individuals who were chosen by the guardian deities to end the Great Wars. Their names were Gerith, Lorea, Orlax, and Numix. They were chosen specifically for their intense desire to end the wars, but were incapable of doing so by themselves. The deities blessed them with power, and they were allowed access to the Legendary Treasures by the Ravens of Death. Upon ending the Great Wars, the weapons were returned and cities were erected in their honor. Centuries after their deaths, the guardian deities preserved their spirits within shrines located in their home continent.


Gerith, the Noble Gallant


Gerith was the youngest member of the chosen heroes. Human towns and villages were always terrified of Arkhan raids, for they meant certain death. Gerith’s village was no exception. As Arkhans tore through shops and ransacked homes when he was a boy, Gerith hid under the dead bodies of his parents. When the raid was over, Gerith ran for the nearest neighboring kingdom. Starving and half dead, Gerith was found by a nobleman who took him in. Gerith grew up to become a Noble Gallant, and although it was his duty to fight in the war against the Arkhans, Gerith was frightened and unconfident. It was when he admitted his own cowardice that Orulan appeared before him and blessed him with power to end the Great Wars. He was granted access to Davis’s Legendary Treasure, Grand Shields Ansel and Valin, by the Ravens of Death, and he, along with Orlax, defended his fellow chosen hero Numix in Cordegarde as she destroyed the God Cannon.

“When the people with power want to fight one another, they will fight, and it is we, the common people, who will suffer and burn for it.”
- Gerith, the Noble Gallant


Lorea, the Arcane Ranger


As a child, Lorea was destined for greatness. Her skills in archery far surpassed her peers and rivaled that of even experienced rangers. She was to become an Arcane Ranger of the ages, as she was dedicated to the battle against the Fibblans. One day, she was invited by a constable to witness the interrogation of a captured Fibblan. However, what she witnessed was the horrifying torture of a Fibblan girl whom she thought could not even defend herself. When the interrogation was over, Lorea went to confront the Fibblan herself, whose antlers were sawed off and bark stripped from her body. To her surprise, an Equirion timed explosive seal began to glow on the Fibblan girl’s torso and detonated, killing the girl and badly damaging Lorea’s right arm. No longer being able to draw a bow again, and having no pride in her kinsmen, Lorea went into self-exile. Yunarelle chose Lorea and blessed her with power. She was granted access to Robyn’s Legendary Treasure, All Reaching Bow Shenyi, by the Ravens of Death, which allowed her to wield a bow like she once could, and provided cover fire for Gerith and Orlax as they protected Numix.

“I believed in my people. I believed that we could create a brilliant world, but when I saw the darkness behind that brilliance, I was ashamed — ashamed of my pride.”
- Lorea, the Arcane Ranger


Numix, the Flow Rupturor


Numix was the oldest of the chosen heroes, and was affected the most by the ravages of the Great Wars. She was just a child during the battle between Equirions and Fibblans that tore Oriens in two. The sight of her home splitting in two crushed her spirit, for she knew that it was not only the fault of the Equirions, but also the terrifying power that Fibblans held as well. As she grew up, she was trained to become a Flow Rupturor to fight in the war, but she refused to participate in it. Once she graduated the academy to become a fully-fledged Flow Rupturor, she ran away and went into hiding for decades until the goddess Altina approached her for the chance to end the Great Wars. Numix accepted the goddess’s request and was blessed with power. She was granted access to Merlin’s Legendary Treasure, Dawn Bringer Lucifer, by the Ravens of Death, and she was the one of the four heroes who actually destroyed the God Cannon.

“Our world has suffered enough. My home was destroyed, my nation split in two, by the ambitions of those who wield immeasurable power. Such power does not belong in the hands of mortals.”
- Numix, the Flow Rupturor


Orlax, the Crush Avatar


Orlax was born into a family of great warriors, but he himself was considered a failure for being sickly and weak. For most of his life, Orlax was bedridden and could only see the effects of war from his bedroom window. He saw victory – Arkhan soldiers returning with the heads of Human men, women, and children as trophies, and drinking to their heart’s contents. However, he also saw grave defeat – bodies of the dead carried by scarred Arkhans and soldiers with amputated limbs. Orlax knew with all of his being that such despair existed on both sides. In adulthood, he left his tribe with barely the ability to walk. His tribe considered him dead, as such a weak Arkhan could not defend himself in the harsh wilds of Occasus, but that was when Vandra approached him. Vandra blessed Orlax with power and a stronger body so that he may fight as a Crush Avatar. He was given access to Herakul’s Legendary Treasure, Dominant Fists Don Kaiser, by the Ravens of Death, and he, along with Gerith, defended his fellow chosen hero Numix in Cordegarde as she destroyed the God Cannon.

“Weakness is not the inability to fight, but the inability to know when to stop fighting.”
- Orlax, the Crush Avatar