The Three Planes

The Vast


The Vast is the universe, or plane, in which the world of Terrium resides. No one knows who or what being created the Vast, but theories dictate that the Vast follows four absolute laws: Life, Time, Death, and Renewal. The law of Life states that all spirits in the Vast are given physical bodies so that they may exist in the Vast. The law of Time states that all spirits given life have a set duration of time in which they may exist in the Vast. The law of Death states that when a spirit’s time in the Vast runs out, their physical bodies perish and must leave the Vast. The law of Renewal states that a spirit whose physical body died is allowed to be given a new body to start a new life, or a spirit may be bound to a location or object in the Vast in order to stay within the plane. It is through these four laws that theorists believe they explain why supreme beings such as Ebb and Flow are capable of dying. The exact size of the Vast is unknown, but it is believed to be incomprehensibly large due to the fact that it took Jarr nearly 100 million years to fly from the edge of the Vast to its center where he encountered the twin gods.


The Spirit World


The Spirit World, also known as the Higher Plane, is the plane created by Flow located above the Vast where all spirits of the dead live for the rest of eternity in paradise. It’s said that the Spirit World is infinite in size so that it may house any number of future spirits. Flow gave birth to Amandra, whom she tasked to watch over and protect the Spirit World. Amandra in turn created the Grand Engine and gave birth to the Valkyr to help with the task. The Valkyr are harvest maidens who lead the recently departed to the Halls of Purification where their spirit is purified of evil before entering the Spirit World. The Grand Engine is the driving source of power that runs the Spirit World and resurrects any Valkyr if they for whatever reason ever die. It is unknown what happened to the spirits of the dead before the Spirit World was created. Many believe that the spirits at the time were merely trapped within the Vast with no place to go or physical body to inhabit until the Spirit World was created. The Spirit World also goes by different names to the four races. To the Arkhans, it is known as The Eternal Hunt. To the Equirions, it is known as The Infinite Kingdom. To the Humans, it is known as The Two Heavens. To the Fibblans, it is known as Paradise.


The Depths


The Depths, also known as the Lower Plane, is the plane created by Ebb located below the Vast which was originally made as the prison for Jarr’s spirit. Ebb gave life to Marrick, whom he tasked with guarding the entrance to the Depths, called the Gates of Despair, for all eternity to prevent any chance of Jarr’s escape. Over time, the Depths also became a prison for all spirits who lived truly evil lives in the Vast. It is considered incredibly difficult for a spirit to be damned to the Depths as most spirits are purified before entering the Spirit World anyway. It is believed that the size of the Depths is finite due to its original purpose of being Jarr’s eternal prison. It has been prophesized that one day; the Depths will fill with dark spirits, their rebellion shall cause the death of Marrick, and evil shall spill into the Vast.