Timeline of the World


BGW - Before Great Wars, DGW - During Great Wars, AGW - After Great Wars

~ 1 billion BGW: The Vast is mysteriously created.
~ 400 million BGW: Ebb and Flow are born out of a miracle in the center of the Vast.
~ 110 million BGW: Ebb and Flow decide to create Terrium. Flow sheds tears of joy, creating oceans, rivers, and land, and spawns the growth of plants, trees, and vegetation. Flow draws breath and blows, creating wind, air, and clouds. Ebb and Flow create all the creatures of the world.
~ 100 million BGW: Jarr is born at the edge of the Vast.
~ 2,000 BGW: Jarr appears before the twin gods. Jarr creates a gale that causes Terrium to spin, killing many creatures. Jarr strikes Flow in the head, causing her to lose much of her wisdom. Ebb shatters Jarr’s body, whose scales became the stars. Flow weeps for the extinct creatures which she could no longer recreate, creating rain and the first feeling of pain.
~ 1,900 BGW: Flow creates the Spirit World for the spirits of the dead to live in paradise, and gives birth to Amandra, Keeper of the Spirit World. Ebb creates the Depths, a prison for the spirit of Jarr, and gives life to Marrick, Gatekeeper of the Depths.
~ 1,800 BGW: Flow creates the first Humans, Equirions, Arkhans, and Fibblans, and shares her remaining wisdom with them. Amandra creates the Grand Engine and gives birth to the Valkyrs.
~ 1,790 BGW: Flow gives birth to Altina and Orulan. Ebb gives life to Vandra and Yunarelle.
~ 1,330 - 1,300 BGW: The four races begin construction of a tower to reach the gods in Centrum. Vandra, the most loyal deity, warn the twin gods of its construction. Ebb and Flow destroy the tower, which then became known as the Pillar of Ruin. The four races become furious, and only the Fibblans would listen to Altina. Angered by the gods, the other three races wage war against them. Flow descends to Terrium to plead for a ceasefire but is instead sealed by the three races, increasing the magical energy in all living things. The four guardian deities flee from Terrium out of fear.
~ 1,299 BGW: Ebb strikes lightning upon Terrium, separating the five lands.
~ 1,297 BGW: The Fibblans invent bridges and ships.
~ 1,296 BGW: The Fibblans teach the Equrions how to control flow.
~ 1,293 BGW: The Fibblans invent the Cordegarde Teleportation Shrines.
~ 1,292 BGW: The Humans, Equirions, and Arkhans begin construction of the God Cannon. The Fibblans vow to never invent new technology again.
~ 1,290 BGW: Ebb casts the Great Shadow over Terrium. Many creatures are transformed into monsters. Many Humans, Equirions, and Fibblans die. The Arkhans transform into demon- beasts and lose their sanity.
~ 1,288 BGW: The Humans and Equirions finish construction of the God Cannon and use it to kill Ebb, whose heart becomes the moon. The great ball of energy fired from the God Cannon becomes the sun.
~ 1,276 BGW: The Arkhans regain their sanity.
- 1,257 BGW: Merlin Flownaschilde is born.
- 1,132 BGW: Merlin becomes the first Fibblan to transcend his control over flow and becomes the first Flow Rupturor.
- 1,130 BGW: Merlin begins traveling the world to spread his teachings on flow control.
- 1,121 BGW: Merlin meets a talented Equirion invoker by the name of Morrigan Imerskilth and takes her as his apprentice.
- 1,116 BGW: Three Equirion sisters sacrifice their blood to the spirit of Ebb for immortality. Morrigan becomes the first Cubi. Badb becomes the first Banshee. Macha begins developing a new form of magic. They become known as the Ravens of Death.
- 1,114 BGW: Merlin and Morrigan have a falling out and separate.
- 1,066 BGW: Merlin fails a ritual to revive Flow from her cystallized prison and accidentally creates a gem of infinitely replenishing flow.
- 1,060 BGW: Merlin reforms the Pillar of Ruin into Cerg Eillys Cathedral.
- 1,003 BGW: Merlin combines his powers with Kamiya the Topaz Dragon to defeat the rampaging Monn the Earth Dragon. He used the principles of their combined power to create a powerful attack that became known as daily skills.
- 1,000 BGW: Merlin invokes the power of the source of creation to erase the existence of Lucefell the Dark Dragon when he attacked and nearly completely destroyed the Cerg Eillys Cathedral.
- 998 BGW: Robyn, an Equirion, focuses the powers of the Flow Rupturor and becomes the first Arcane Ranger.
- 997 BGW: Merlin finishes repairing the damages made to the Cerg Eillys Cathedral.
- 994 BGW: Davis, a Human, defeats a stray Colossus that invades his town and becomes the first Noble Gallant.
- 986 BGW: Herakul, an Arkhan, slays a Behemoth with his bare hands and becomes the first Crush Avatar.
- 977 BGW: Thanatos, an Arkhan, goes on a murderous killing spree and becomes the first Infernal Reaper.
- 955 BGW: Kouhei, an Equirion, creates his own weapon and becomes the first Essence Abolisher.
- 952 BGW: Orpheus, a Fibblan, tames a Leviathan and becomes the first Flow Assimilator.
- 948 BGW: Tomoe, a Human, combines magic and swordsmanship and becomes the first Runic Chevalier.
- 942 BGW: Linos, a Human, combines his flow with his music to become the first Crusade Maestro.
- 938 BGW: Kelpa, a Fibblan, melds her spirit with three creatures and becomes the first Soul Morpher.
- 935 BGW: Musashi, a Human, hones the physical techniques of the Runic Chevalier and becomes the first Empyreal Ronin.
- 922 BGW: Davis passes away and sends his Legendary Treasure to Merlin.
- 919 BGW: Ursina, an Arkhan, murders her own tribe and becomes the first Doom Harbinger.
- 915 BGW: Insidia, an Equirion, developed an undetectable form of attack to become the first Cross Assailant.
- 912 BGW: Skeijold, a Fibblan, defends her town from a giant serpent and becomes the first Divine Sentinel.
- 907 BGW: Zongu, an Arkhan, revolutionizes the Arkhans’ ability to use flow as a long range weapon to become the first Artillery Jockey.
- 903 BGW: Macha perfects her new form of magic and becomes the first Blood Letterer.
- 881 BGW: Tomoe passes away and sends her Legendary Treasure to Merlin.
- 876 BGW: Linos passes away and sends his Legendary Treasure to Merlin.
- 868 BGW: Herakul passes away and sends his Legendary Treasure to Merlin.
- 859 BGW: Musashi passes away and sends his Legendary Treasure to Merlin.
- 847 BGW: Vlad passes away and sends his Legendary Treasure to Merlin.
- 804 BGW: Robyn passes away and sends her Legendary Treasure to Merlin.
- 785 BGW: Kouhei passes away and sends his Legendary Treasure to Merlin.
- 783 BGW: Ursina passes away and sends her Legendary Treasure to Merlin.
- 767 BGW: Zongu passes away and sends his Legendary Treasure to Merlin.
- 732 BGW: Insidia passes away and sends her Legendary Treasure to Merlin.
- 473 BGW: Orpheus passes away and sends his Legendary Treasure to Merlin.
- 422 BGW: Kelpa passes away and sends her Legendary Treasure to Merlin.
- 413 BGW: Morrigan reconciles with Merlin and bears his only child, Chiffon Lilian.
- 394 BGW: Skeijold passes away and sends her Legendary Treasure to Merlin.
- 390 BGW: Merlin performs a ritual on all Legendary Treasures to bind the spirits of their deceased wielders to them and infuse them with great power and indestructibility. The Ravens of Death bear witness to this ritual.
- 53 BGW: Merlin passes away. The Ravens of Death inherit all sixteen Legendary Treasures. Morrigan performs the same ritual as before to bind Merlin’s spirit to his Legendary Treasure, completing the set. Chiffon Lilian inherits Merlin’s gem, which became known as the Stone of Merlin, and she is given the last name Merlinaschilde by her mother to honor her father’s legacy.
- 1 DGW: The Arkhans wage war against the Humans. The Equirions wage war against the Fibblans.
- 830 DGW: A devastating battle between Equrions and Fibblans literally splits Oriens in two and forms the Great Divide.
- 997 DGW: The four guardian deities return.
- 998 DGW: Gerith, Lorea, Orlax, and Numix are blessed with power by the four deities.
- 999 DGW: Gerith, Lorea, Orlax, and Numix are granted Legendary Treasures by the Ravens of Death. The four finally meet one another in Oriens and begin their journey to the center of Cordegarde.
- 1,000 DGW: Gerith, Lorea, Orlax, and Numix single-handedly end the Great Wars. The God Cannon is rendered irreparable.
- 1 AGW: Gerith, Lorea, Orlax, and Numix part ways. The four deities follow with them.
- 2-28 AGW: Orlaxis, Gerithean City, Lorean Sanctuary, and Numix Grove are founded.
Temples for each deity are erected in their respective city.
- 31 AGW: Macha secretly visits Yunarelle in the Lorean Sanctuary to forge her indestructible brush, creating the sixteenth and final Legendary Treasure.
- 61 AGW: Gerith passes away.
- 62 AGW: Gerithean City becomes the capital of Mugio.
- 127 AGW: Orlax passes away.
- 130 AGW: Orlaxia becomes the capital of Occasus.
- 148 AGW: Lorea passes away.
- 152 AGW: Lorean Sanctuary becomes the capital of Atlum.
- 157 AGW: Numix Grove becomes the capital of Oriens.
- 208 AGW: The population of the two mixed races — the Iquorans and the Khibblans — begins to boom compared to earlier accounts.
- 268 AGW: The Terrium Union is founded.
- 276-349 AGW: The Grand Railway is constructed.
- 412 AGW: Numix passes away.
- 413 AGW: The four deities decide to preserve the heroes’ spirits in shrines located throughout the four continents.
- 427 AGW: Lady Chiffon’s experimentations with the Stone of Merlin and the statue of Flow go haywire, resulting in the Second Surge.
- 429 AGW: The Terrium Union finally comes to the verdict of Lady Chiffon, telling her to destroy all research related to the resurrection of the goddess Flow in exchange for a full pardon of her actions. Lady Chiffon reluctantly agrees to the terms, and subsequently retreats into permanent seclusion.