True Banshee

Average Lifespan: 200 years
Average Height: 6’1”
Average Weight: 72 lb. - 80 lb.

Since the Second Surge, banshees began to resemble more of what Badb, the first Banshee, originally was. While the banshees Badb accidentally created shared her powers, they did not harness the full range of vocal powers that she could. Instead, the banshee’s true powers were split between the incomplete banshees and the sirens. The Second Surge unlocked their full potential, and the newly formed banshees became known as True Banshees. Like Badb, True Banshees are capable of amplifying their voice to create powerful wails and manipulating their voice to create hypnotic melodies.

True Banshees share their slightly transparent, ethereal appearances with incomplete banshees, which often makes it difficult to discern whether they are a True Banshee or a regular banshee before one is able to speak with them. At a basic level, they look exactly like Equirion women; however, the special properties of their body give them a ghostly, light-blue appearance. Even clothes, armor, and weapons they hold will eventually take on this property if they are exposed to the True Banshee’s body for more than just a few minutes. Removing the clothing or items will return them to normal after a while, though.

Unlike incomplete banshees, who can reproduce asexually, True Banshees must reproduce with an Equirion, or sometimes Human, man. True Banshees remain pregnant for roughly eighteen months, and only give birth to True Banshees, who are always female. It is oftentimes difficult for True Banshees to find a partner who would willingly impregnate her, due to their undead visage. It’s fairly common for True Banshees to resort to using their hypnotic voice to seduce men like sirens do, regardless of the trouble it could get them in. True Banshees mature at the same rate and stay in their prime for as long as Equirions do. Unlike Equirions, they do not care for keeping their hair long or styling it in extravagant braids, usually leaving it unkempt or cutting it short.

True Banshees hold a certain level of contempt towards their incomplete banshee and siren sisters. They do not appreciate being compared to monsters, and are openly willing to kill banshees and sirens to dissociate themselves from the wrathful and manipulative creatures they once were. They hope that one day only True Banshees will remain, and their race’s image will no longer be associated with the horrors their monstrous sisters instill. Although they look up to Badb as the ideal version of themselves, Badb prefers to stay out of the public eye, but tries to lend a helping hand when she can. Since True Banshees came to be in Atlum, most of them live in the port cities next to the ocean where they are welcome, while the remainder of them often resides in Oriens.

Choosing the True Banshee:
Consider the following details to help you choose the characteristics of your True Banshee character. True Banshees can only be female. True Banshee names are much like Equirion names with their emphasis on L and R sounds. As a True Banshee, you can speak Main, ancient Equirion, and Equirion.
Determining Age: 20 + 4d10
Determining Height: 5’9” + 1d8 inches
Determining Weight: 64 lb. + 1d4 lb. per inch past 5’9”

Race Traits:
Banshee Senses - As a True Banshee, you have special senses that the regular races do not have. You gain access to the Nightvision and Echolocation special senses.
Nightvision - You are capable of seeing in the dark with perfect clarity.
Echolocation - You are capable of using the vibrations of sound waves in the air or underwater to precisely locate a unit.

Ghastly Form - Your ethereal body allows you to avoid harm. You Critically Evade attacks on a natural evade roll of 5 or higher. Whenever you Critically Evade an attack, you turn into your ghastly form until your next turn. While you are in your ghastly form, you become immune to non-elemental Physical Attacks.

Hypnotic Voice - While in battle, you constantly sing with your hypnotic voice to influence your foes. Your Charisma checks roll with Advantage. Whenever you become the target of a Single Target attack, perform an opposing Charisma check against the attacker. If you win, the attack is cancelled. If you Critically Hit your check of if the attacker Critically Misses theirs, they must redirect their attack at an ally if able.

Omen of Death - As a True Banshee, you bring an omen of death upon your enemies. Once per day, you may choose a unit. All of your attacks roll to hit with Advantage and Ignore Defense against that unit.

Voice of Inspiration - The True Banshee’s voice does just as well in inspiring their allies. At the beginning of each round in battle, choose an ally and roll 2d6. On a result of 9 or higher, they may perform an extra Main Action this round and may move their entire Movement Speed during their Move Phase and still perform their Main Actions.

Special Trait:
Death Wail - True Banshees are capable of unleashing a deathly wail upon their enemies. You gain access to the following skill:
Death Wail Special Active - Offensive
Release an intense scream of death.
Attack Type: Magical Property: Pass-Through Line AoE
FP Cost: 5 FP Range: 0’ - 40’
Cool Down Category: B
Combat Effects: Deals 3d6 + Character Level + (Strength Modifier or Spirit Modifier) magical damage to all units in a straight 40’ line with a 5’ width. All hit units are now Staggered. This skill does not get bonuses from your Physical Damage, Magic Damage, or Weapon Proficiencies.
Other Effects: This skill is capable of destroying wooden objects.