Valkyr Aspect


Average Lifespan: Immortal
Average Height: Varies
Average Weight: Varies

Valkyr inhabit the lands of Terrium at all times in order to harvest the souls of the recently deceased to help them pass to the Spirit World. However, when the Second Surge struck, a vast number of Valkyr became bound to the world, and could neither return to the Spirit World nor speak to Amandra through their psychic link. Amandra herself felt the severed connections and descended to Terrium to reconnect the Valkyr who had been separated. Many Valkyr immediately chose to return to the Spirit World, but some curious ones saw this as a unique opportunity to walk and live amongst the mortals. With explicit permission from Amandra, these individuals stayed on Terrium to live their lives as Valkyr Aspects.

As a harvest maiden, the Valkyr Aspect takes on the appearance of the race they were representing when visiting Terrium at the time of the Second Surge. This makes it quite difficult to distinguish an Aspect from a member of another race. Aspects use this to their advantage to hide in plain sight; however, they do not age biologically, and their beauty could be construed as too perfect, which is slightly off-putting. With these two factors combined, an Aspect cannot stay in the same location for too long, else they may be discovered. Although they have no reason to hide their true identities, most Aspects choose to do so because they wish to be treated as a regular mortal and not as a harvest maiden.

Since the Second Surge, new Valkyr were created by Amandra to represent the other new races that emerged. Some of these Valkyr were curious about mortal life, just like those who were originally struck by the surge. Amandra granted their wishes, and gave them permission to walk the lands of Terrium as mortal beings. Though Aspects cannot die of old age, they can still be killed, but Aspects do not fear death. They know that if they are slain, their spirits will return to the Grand Engine in the Spirit World where they will be given new lives and identities to replace their dead selves.

The Valkyr Aspects are very valiant and loyal in their personalities. Once they have made an ally they deem worthy, an Aspect would gladly risk their life or even die to protect their ally. This intense feeling of protectiveness can extend to multiple individuals, so long as the Aspect deems them worthy. Since Valkyr have little to no understanding or concept of love, this protectiveness is considered the closest they become with those they care about. Although there are instances of Aspects having a more romantic relationship with a member of another race, they do it without any trace of real intimacy, acting only out of a sense of duty as a guardian.

Choosing the Valkyr Aspect:
Consider the following details to help you choose the characteristics of your Valkyr Aspect character. Valkyr Aspects can only be female. Your name, height, and weight all depend on what race your character represents as a Valkyr. Your age could be hundreds, even thousands, of years. As a Valkyr Aspect, you are able to speak all languages the race you represent can speak and Valkyr.
Determining Age: Varies
Determining Height: Varies
Determining Weight: Varies

Race Traits
Amandra’s Blessings - You’ve been granted the blessings of Amandra herself. You gain a weakness to the Dark element, but you are resistant to all other elements.

Ethereal Wings - You may now be an Aspect, but you still have the ethereal wings of a Valkyr. Ignore the effects of terrain and elevation during your Move Phase. You may move your entire Movement Speed during your Move Phase and still perform a Main Action. You must land on the ground to end your movement.

Force of Holiness - Your powers derive from the holiness of a goddess herself. All of your Active - Offensive skills that deal damage cost 1 FP more, have the Light element instead of their current element, and roll an extra damage die. If the skill already has the Light element, it does not cost 1 FP more. Whenever you perform a Normal Attack, you may pay 2 FP to give it the Light element and roll an extra damage die.

Live to Serve - You are a guardian to your allies. If more damage was dealt to you than any other member of your party since your last turn, heal Health Points and regain Flow Points equal to the number of allies in your party. Once per day per ally, if an ally would take damage from a Critical Hit or take damage that would result in their Incapacitation, you may prevent that damage, and immediately gain an irreducible amount of fatigue equal to the damage you prevented.

Path of the Valkyr - Before living amongst mortals, you followed the path of a Valkyr. Choose one of the four paths: Knight, Lancer, Slayer, or Sorcerer. If you choose Knight, you get 1 Physical Evasion for every 2 points in your Strength Modifier instead of every 3, and you Critically Evade all attacks on a natural evade roll of 5 or higher. If you choose Lancer, all of your attacks have a chance to Ignore Defense on a 1d6 roll of 6, and if an attack would already Ignore Defense, roll an extra damage die. If you choose Slayer, you get 2 Physical Damage for every point in your Strength Modifier instead of 1 and you Critically Evade physical attacks on a natural evade roll of 5 or higher. If you choose Sorcerer, you get 2 Magic Damage for every point in your Spirit Modifier instead of 1 and you Critically Evade magical attacks on a natural evade roll of 5 or higher.

Special Trait
Divine Intervention - Amandra herself may intervene at your behest. You are a Cleric in addition to your other profession (if you have one). Instead of choosing a deity to serve under, you serve under Amandra, Keeper of the Spirit World. You gain access to the following Divine Favors:

Amandra’s Empowerment
Prayer Point Cost: 4
Effect: For the next hour, increase your Physical Damage or Magic Damage by 2, your Accuracy by 1, your Physical Evasion by 1, and your Magic Evasion by 1. Multiple uses of this favor do not stack and only refresh its duration.

Amandra’s Nourishment
Prayer Point Cost: 8
Effect: You suppress your need to eat, drink water, or sleep, and you do not gain fatigue for the next 3 days.

Amandra’s Light
Prayer Point Cost: 20
Effect: Amandra’s holy light shines down upon you. You and all your allies within 50’ restore half of their maximum Health Points, half of their maximum Flow Points, and are cleansed of all Status Ailments and Debuffs.

Divine Intervention
Prayer Point Cost: 2 per charge
Effect: Call down the holy aether of the goddess Amandra. This divine favor is usable once per day. If used in battle, you must skip your Move Phase to use this favor. Choose a single target within 40’. Deals (Character Level)*3 + xd10 magical Light damage to the target, where x is the number of charges. This attack does not require an attack roll; it automatically hits. If the target has a weakness to Light damage and Divine Intervention dealt at least 30% of their maximum Health Points, then this attack automatically kills the target without hope of resuscitation.